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Wednesday - 26 Feb 2020 on LinkedIn
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Initiate Headhunting Effectively

Head hunting can be otherwise called as infiltrating the other organisation. We have to be careful when we try to headhunt the candidates from the competitors.

• Identify the organisation to be hunted

• Try to find out from various sources about who is doing the paricular role which we are looking for

• Build up a very good rapport with our own sales team and our employees, as they are the one's who will have lots of friends with our competitors. They always keep their communication channels open with them.

• Sales people will be meeting lot of people from outside and invariably they can be one source of Information for all HR professionals. Infact they are our outside face and we can see the world through them.

• All we need to do is build confidence and relationship with one employee working in our targeted company. Speak to that person as friend, and pose as if u will help or guide him to get a good job. If we have a genuine position open, do not hesitate

• Once we win the confidence of that employee, ask him openly which profile we need. Never hide anything.

• The moment you reach the candidate, tell him that you are calling for this particular position and got his reference as a part of "Executive search".

• Never ever reveal the source of information. Our infiltrator should help us in future also.

• If you get one candidate, try to map the rest of the team

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