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Thursday - 28 May 2020 on LinkedIn
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Change is one word that gives all of us the creeps. As we grow, change occurs in both our inner and outer worlds. We hardly realize this. Many times we view changes as threats. Most become pessimistic towards the idea of newness, or allow ourselves to remain within comfort zones to avoid the risk of failure.

On the contrary, one needs to view change as an open invitation to enjoy the fullest potential of the present moment. Resisting change means resisting growth.

We ought not to let uncertainty prevent from making the necessary changes to pursue our dreams. Those who succeed are  those who take chances, and that means not only accepting change, but embracing it as a gift - a tool for turning visions into reality.

One needs to focus on a goal and the changes needed to be made to get to that goal.

It will be nice to ask ourselves, "What changes have you been resisting and why?"

We need to explore ways to get ourselves through any doubts or fears, and empower ourselves by making a commitment to work towards these
changes each day.

We need to stand up and work for change. Change is how we grow. By moving forward, and by taking action, we can watch our new life begin to unfold.

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