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Bhagavad Gita & Management Techniques

Intentions are your Expressions Says GITA

Power of Intentions is the Success Formula Says Management


Your Intentions should be clear, practical, achievable and should differentiate you from the winner

Key players who can determine the power of your intentions
Wisdom and Science (Gyana and Vigyana)

GITA says Science can be understood by our senses, i.e. Mouth speaks and understands various issues through, eyes, ears and other senses.

Wisdom will make the power of your intentions very strong

Wisdom will create an inner feeling (Intuition), which can be transformed in to Introspection, after series of inner understanding if your mind says yes it becomes intentions

GITA says use the value of science for taking decisions in known things, Science why, Wisdom can focus how.

Intentions should be a mind factor says GITA

E.g.: You’re planning to fast today and you will proclaim to people that, I will not eat any food, Science can brings ways and means, yes I can drink water, fruit juices

But what if you’re Mind thinks of delicious foods and contemplating on that, then your action (FASTING) does not call for any value

Power of Intentions is mind phenomenon

Arjuna was able to visualize only the Parrot, when all others saw different parts of Trees

Yudhister was able to see only good people. But Duroydhana was able to see only bad people. But People are the same, intention power is different

Power of Intentions is the Success Formula Says Management

Organizations slowly understand the power of intentions

Try this Exercise

Visualize that you are smelling the fragrance of ROSE …….

Visualize that you are smelling garbage ….

Observe the two reactions in a Mirror ……

The Answer …… is clear….

So it is evident that inner intentions can only parallel your outer expressions , even though a small amount of camouflage is done finally you get what you intend .

Many times we hear jargon like Think Global Act Local

I will say the Jargon Actually shows the power of intentions, you know why

When you think global, you will automatically make your local a global place

So Intentions starts with an inner feeling, then transforms into intuitions and travels as introspection and ably supported by wisdom becomes an action plan and your expressions and through science it becomes success formula.

Author - V.VA Sriram

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Posted: 14/03/2015 13:20:03

Its a good Management Technique through Bhagvad Gita .

Posted: 22/08/2011 01:43:06

very true, but we fail to realize this.

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