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Preparation for Interviewing

Interviews being a relatively significant part of the recruitment process need to be devised appropriately to avoid mishaps and faulty assessment of candidates during interview sessions which can cost the company in terms of time, effort and resources.

1. Minimize stereotypes : To minimize the influence of racial and sex stereotypes in the interview process, provide interviewers with a job description and specification of the requirements for the position. Interviewers with little information about the job may be more likely to make stereotypical judgements about the suitability of candidates than are interviewers with detailed information about the job.

2. Job Related : Try to make the interview questions job related. If the questions are not related to the job, then the validity of the interview procedure may be lower.

3. Train the Interviewers : Improve the interpersonal skills of the interviewer and the interviewer's ability to make decisions without influence from non-job related information. Interviewers should be trained to:

• avoid asking questions unrelated to the job
• avoid making quick decisions about an applicant
• avoid stereotyping applicants
• Avoid giving too much weight to a few characteristics.
• try to put the applicant at ease during the interview
• communicate clearly with the applicant
• maintain consistency in the questions asked

Summary of Interviews
In general, interviews have the following weaknesses:

1. Validity of the interview is relatively low
2. Reliability of the interview is also low
3. Stereotyping by interviewers, in general, may lead to adverse impact against minorities
4. The subjective nature of this procedure may allow bias such as favoritism and politics to enter into the selection process
5. This procedure is not standardized.
6. Not useful when large numbers of applicants must be evaluated and/or selected

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