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Meeting with the Mentor

Mentoring refers to support offered by a mentor to another person. The mentor could also be a role model for others. A mentor has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience in an area, which he shares with the person being mentored. The following tips should be given importance while meeting up with a mentor.

1. Before commencement of the meeting with the mentor, write down the things that you would want to achieve through mentoring. You may rank these things according to your order of significance. Be clear of what you would like your mentor to provide.

2. Feel free to ask questions that are open ended so to avoid one-two word answers. Follow up with questions for precise clarification.

3. The time and schedule of the mentor should be respected and hence try to keep the meeting for the time frame decided earlier. You need to make sure that you are clear about your needs from the mentor thus not allowing space for drifting from the real issue.

4. Taking notes of the conversation can be pleasing for the mentor considering that he feels you are serious about the information that is being provided by him and that you are taking sheer interest in his conversation. However, ensure to ask for his permission before taking notes or taping a conversation.

5. Do some homework prior to the meeting to demonstrate initiative and self reliance. Rather than completely relying on the mentor, ask questions to gain information. This may help in perceiving a clear picture of the questions raised and additional information on the same.

6. The mentoring process is a meeting wherein both of them have to be involved in a conversation. Proper eye contact, use of non verbal signs and positive body language should be given relevance. You may feel free to engage in a small talk, smile occasionally to make the process a comfortable one. The primary reason being that the mentor should feel that you are being attentive to his answers.

7. The first impression is always the last impression. While being introduced to the mentor - greet him, shake hands, restate the purpose of your meeting and finally thank him for taking the time to mentor you.

8. Mutual learning is the primary focus of mentoring. There might be instances where your needs might not be met. In these case, feel free to discuss this with your mentor. Terminating of a mentoring relationship is not a sign of failure. You need to recognize your changing needs and thus find a way to meet your objectives and goals.

Mentoring is about meaningful and quality relationship with another person which can be a challenge and hence the process should be carried out effectively and efficiently.

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Posted: 01/08/2011 07:58:38

Good Article. I would like to share the same with my HOD's. If you can please mail the same to me on

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