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Telephonic Interviews - Doís and Doníts

Employers often feel the need to initiate telephonic interviewing as a part of the recruitment process. This step is undertaken to avoid spending time in meeting each candidate personally. Though telephonic interviews can’t be completely relied on, it gives the recruiters much an idea regarding the key attributes of the candidate. For e.g. the interpersonal skills, level of confidence, thinking ability etc can be assessed through a phonic correspondence.

There are few secrets to successful telephonic interviewing following which, shall make you succeed in your job hunting process.

1. Do mention accurate and detailed contact information in your cover letter/resume so that the interviewers can easily contact you.

2. When you are on a job hunting spree, don’t have a long greeting on your voice mail. This might lead the interviewer to lose interest in your candidature.

3. Do ensure that your family members understand the significance of voice mails and phone messages during your job search.

4. Do practice by asking your friend to have a mock telephonic interview with you. This may help you in getting a feel of the actual interview over the phone.

5. While being interviewed on the phone, do make sure that you are in a quiet and comfortable place where you can precisely understand, take notes and concentrate on listening and speaking.

6. If you cannot attend the call or not able to devote more time for the telephonic interview, please do suggest an alternative date and time for the interviewer. This might give you an opportunity to be mentally prepared when you receive the ultimate call.

7. Do have your resume in front of you while being interviewed on the phone, so as to highlight your achievements and practical exposures. You need to ensure that your responses don’t sound scripted and you avoid fumbling between sentences. Do have a notepad ready for you to note down the points that needs to be covered with the interviewer.

8. Do ensure that you are able to hear and being heard clearly without any distractions.

9. Don’t sneeze or cough between the conversations. Incase these behaviors can’t be avoided, please say “excuse me”.

10. Don’t chew, eat or drink since it creates noise which can be a case of lack of professional etiquette.

11. Do ask questions whenever necessary, to make the interviewer feel that you are taking deep interest in the process.

12. Do consider standing or sitting (like in an office setting) while being interviewed on the phone. Few experts suggest that you may sound more professional this way rather than relaxing in an easy chair or lying in an easy mode.

13. Do create a strong and impressive finish to your telephonic interview by acknowledging thanks for the call and asking any further questions.

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