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Training ROI & Effectiveness

One of the keys to measure training effectiveness or its return on investment is to have a defined plan/process when you go or send a staff member to training. A plan for before training, during training and what to do after training. Training should be managed so it can be planned & linked to the business results. Goals must be clear. Mechanisms should be in place to provide re-enforcement to the person who is learning for his/her efforts to implement what they have learned.

Using the PDSA process is one way. For example:


- How does this training relate to the aim of the organization?
- Aim of the division or business unit?
- To the person's developmental plan?
- How does the training relate to the customer?
- Where does it fit into my long term growth?
- Why is it important?

* Determine the expectations during training and more important after training. What are the expected outcomes? How will I practice or demonstrate my new skills and knowledge. Create understanding of the linkage between the training and the day to day activities.


- Attend training.
- Monitor progress throughout the training.
- Participate
- Develop an ideas list
- Take notes
- Network with class mates
- Develop a plan for application of ideas.
-Teach or share your new skills with someone else.
- Maintain contact with network buddies.


- What was learned?
- How will the learning that took place be applied?
- Review the linkage to the job and the aim of the organization and the customer.
- Analyze/track to see to what extent learning actually created the intended business results.


Integrate the learning into the day to day activities in order to achieve positive business results.

Continue to monitor or study the results of training over time (critical data for justification for future training dollars). For example...

- Improved service levels
- Increased morale/job satisfaction
- Improved performance/production
- Improve efficiency (greater production/less staff)

Continue the PDSA thought process . . .

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