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Common Mistakes observed during Interviews

Interviews are a deciding factor between selection and rejection. It all depends on the performance of the interviewee which can decide the situation and prove the merit of the interviewee. However, several applicants fail miserably during this process just adding up to the last mistake they did in the previous one. Here is a list of the common mistakes observed during interviews; though this may not be an exhaustive list, it surely describes the major facets which lead to rejection of an applicant.

1. Poor personal appearance.

2. Lack of interest and enthusiasm: Passive and indifferent.

3. Over emphasis on money, interested only in best offer.

4. Condemnation of past employers.

5. Failure to look at the interviewer when conversing.

6. Limp, fishy handshake.

7. Unwillingness to go where sent.

8. Late to interview.

9. Failure to express appreciation for interviewer's time.

10. Asks no questions about job.

11. Indefinite response to questions.

12. Overbearing, over aggressive, conceited with superiority or "know it all complex."

13. Inability to express self clearly: Poor voice diction, grammar.

14. Lack of planning for career: no purpose and goals.

15. Lack of confidence and poise: nervous ill at ease.

16. Failure to participate in activities.

17. Unwilling to start at the bottom-expects too much too soon.

18. Makes excuses, evasive, hedges on unfavorable factors in record.

19. Lack of tact.

20. Lack of courtesy: ill mannered.

21. Lack of Maturity.

22. Lack of vitality.

23. Indecision.

24. Sloppy application blank.

25. Merely shopping around.

26. Wants job for short time.

27. No interest in company or industry.

28. Low moral standards.

29. Cynical.

30. Lazy.

31. Intolerant: strong prejudices.

32. Narrow interests.

33. Inability to take criticism.

34. High pressure type.

Having said this, you need to think on these lines before attending the next interview. If you're slate clear on the above points, you've won the race more than half of the time.

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