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Thursday - 2 Apr 2020 on LinkedIn
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Focus on what you want, Not on what you don't want to..

If I may take you to some part of the epic called Mahabharatha, Gurdev Dronacharya – the teacher of the Pandava and Kaurava princes, placing a colorful bird on a tree top asked his wards, “How many targets do you see ?” He got each of them answering differently which included many other things other than and including the colourful bird. He was looking for a specific answer and had to wait till his brightest pupil on show appeared for his turn. He told the Guru that he saw nothing more than the “pupil” of the bird on to which he needs to direct the arrow from his bow.

Picture yourself in a wide open field. There is a slight breeze, and the sun is shielded by the clouds. In front of you stands a target with a large bulls eye in the center. Next to you is a bow and arrow. Your goal is to hit the target, directly in the middle of the bulls eye. You believe you can do it.

You pick up the bow and arrow, take aim, and stop.

From the back of your mind you hear a small voice call out, "What if you miss the bulls eye?" At that exact moment, a second target appears, overing over the first, with the word FAIL written across it. You see the second target, and your aim sways slightly. You tell yourself to focus and set your eyes back on the main target.

Seconds after you hear another voice, "What if you miss the entire target?" A third target appears. Your eyes go back and forth between all of the targets. You keep telling yourself to focus. But now the focus of succeeding is replaced with not failing.

Doubts and obstacles keep entering your mind, and corresponding targets pop up all over the field. The main target was lost in a sea of worries and concerns.

In front of you stand hundreds of targets. You have one arrow. Then, a light bulb goes off.

Your aim was on what might go wrong, and not on your goal. Your focus was led astray by self-doubt and second guessing your ability.

You once again focus on accomplishing your goal. Not on failing, not on missing, not on anything else. Slowly, the other targets start to fade and ultimately disappear.

Perhaps your goal is to get a new job. If you go into the interview focusing on the possibility of not getting the position, you will be aiming at the wrong target. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Focus on what you want to do, not on what you don't want to do.

Only one target remains. You pull the arrow back, take a deep breath, and let it fly.

Bulls eye!

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