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Sunday - 23 Feb 2020 on LinkedIn
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Success Quotes

Success Quote -1

If you believe never question

If you want to question never believe

Because when you want to question, never have any reservations, question it left, right and center.

Success Quote – 2

A mouth that talks about everything cannot speak out its own faults

A hand that takes everything cannot give to others

A leg that walks for his own development cannot walk for others service

A mind that thinks of selfish thoughts cannot think positive to others

An eye which always sees bad things cannot see beautiful aspects of world

On Human Introspect 

- Accept your fault 

- Serve others 

- March for welfare of the society 

- Think about others 

- See only good things 

- You know where it will lead to 

- This is the way to GOD

Author - V.VA Sriram

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