Achieving Targets for Effective Productivity
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Why is it that when the end of the quarter comes closer we start working very hard so that we make our targets. But we do not work nearly as hard at the beginning of the quarter.

The end of the quarter is our deadline.

We're running out of time.

We are forced to concentrate.

If we do not achieve our target our manager isn't going to be happy with us which will affect our performance and our career as well.

But have you ever asked "what are you doing with your time during the first two months of the quarter."

Please take a PAUSE....

Here are TIPS for you to achieve your targets.

"THINK OF EVERY WEEK AS IF IT IS THE END OF THE QUARTER" This will force you to be focused on your "TARGETS" and "PROJECTS"

Do the things that gives you results, and say "NO" to other things and activities that keep you just BUSY but does not add to productivity.


Work as if this week is the end of the Quarter. Create A Sense Of Urgency.

There is an easy way to break down your goals:

1. Take your quarterly goals and break them down into monthly goals.

2. Turn your monthly goals into weekly goals.

3. Turn your weekly goals into daily goals.

4. Turn your daily goals into morning and afternoon goals.

Here's the KEY question:

What activities do I need to be doing every morning and every afternoon to achieve my daily goals?

We can NOT manage RESULTS. But WE CAN MANAGE OUR ACTIVITIES. When you do the right thing - day after day, after day - you get the right results.

"A Journey of thousand miles begin with the first single step."


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