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Quality of Work Life

Work is an integral part of our everyday life, as it is our livelihood or career or business. On an average we spend around twelve hours daily in the work place, that is one third of our entire life; it does influence the overall quality of our life. It should yield job satisfaction, give peace of mind, a fulfillment of having done a task, as it is expected, without any flaw and having spent the time fruitfully, constructively and purposefully. Even if it is a small step towards our lifetime goal, at the end of the day it gives satisfaction and eagerness to look forward to the next day.

The factors that influence and decide the Quality of work life are:

1. Attitude
2. Environment
3. Opportunities
4. Nature of Job
5. People
6. Stress Level
7. Career Prospects
8. Challenges
9. Growth and Development
10. Risk Involved and Reward

Attitude: The person who is entrusted with a particular job needs to have sufficient knowledge, required skill and expertise, enough experience, enthusiasm, energy level, willingness to learn new things, dynamism, sense of belongingness in the organization, involvement in the job, inter personnel relations, adaptability to changes in the situation, openness for innovative ideas, competitiveness, zeal, ability to work under pressure, leadership qualities and team-spirit.

Environment: The job may involve dealing with customers who have varied tolerance level, preferences, behavioral pattern, level of understanding; or it may involve working with dangerous machines like drilling pipes, cranes, lathe machines, welding and soldering machines, or even with animals where maximum safety precautions have to be observed which needs lot of concentration, alertness, presence of mind, quick with involuntary actions, synchronization of eyes, hands and body, sometimes high level of patience, tactfulness, empathy and compassion and control over emotions.

Opportunities: Some jobs offer opportunities for learning, research, discovery, self-development, enhancement of skills, room for innovation, public recognition, exploration, celebrity-status and loads and loads of fame. Others are monotonous, repetitive, dull, routine, no room for improvement and in every sense boring. Naturally the former ones are interesting and very much rewarding also.

Nature of Job: For example, a driller in the oil drilling unit, a diver, a fire-fighter, traffic policeman, train engine driver, construction laborers, welder, miner, lathe mechanic have to do dangerous jobs and have to be more alert in order to avoid any loss of limb, or loss of life which is irreparable; whereas a pilot, doctor, judge, journalist have to be more prudent and tactful in handling the situation; a CEO, a professor, a teacher have more responsibility and accountability but safe working environment; a cashier or a security guard cannot afford to be careless in his job as it involves loss of money, property and wealth; a politician or a public figure cannot afford to be careless, for his reputation and goodwill is at stake. Some jobs need soft skills, leadership qualities, intelligence, decision making abilities, abilities to train and extract work from others; other jobs need forethought, vision and yet other jobs need motor skills, perfection and extreme carefulness.

People: Almost everyone has to deal with three set of people in the work place. Those are namely boss, co-workers in the same level and subordinates. Apart from this, some professions need interaction with people like patients, media persons, public, customers, thieves, robbers, physically disabled people, mentally challenged, children, foreign delegates, gangsters, politicians, public figures and celebrities. These situations demand high level of prudence, cool temper, tactfulness, humor, kindness, diplomacy and sensitiveness.

Stress Level: All these above mentioned factors are inter-related and inter-dependant. Stress level need not be directly proportional to the compensation. Stress is of different types - mental stress/physical stress and psychological or emotional stress. A Managing Director of a company will have mental stress, a laborer will have physical stress, a psychiatrist will have emotional stress. Mental stress and Emotional
stress cause more damage than physical stress.

Career Prospects: Every job should offer career development. That is an important factor which decides the quality of work life. Status improvement, more recognition from the Management, appreciations are the motivating factors for anyone to take keen interest in his job. The work atmosphere should be conducive to achieve organizational goal as well as individual development. It is a win-win situation for both the parties; an employee should be rewarded appropriately for his good work, extra efforts, sincerity and at the same time a lethargic and careless employee should be penalized suitably; this will motivate the former to work with more zeal and deter the latter from being so, and strive for better performance.

Challenges: The job should offer some challenges at least to make it interesting; That enables an employee to upgrade his knowledge and skill and capabilities; whereas the monotony of the job makes a person dull, non-enthusiastic, dissatisfied, frustrating, complacent, initiative - less and uninteresting. Challenge is the fire that keeps the innovation and thrill alive. A well-accomplished challenging job yields greater satisfaction than a monetary perk; it boosts the self-confidence also.

Growth and Development: If an organization does not give chance for growth and personal development it is very difficult to retain the talented
personnel and also to find new talent with experience and skill.

Risk Involved and Reward: Generally reward or compensation is directly proportional to the quantum of work, man-hours, nature and extent of responsibility, accountability, delegated powers, authority of position in the organizational chart, risk involved, level of expected commitment, deadlines and targets, industry, country, demand and supply of skilled manpower and even political stability and economic policies of a nation. Although risk is involved in every job its nature and degree varies in them; All said and done, reward is a key criteria to lure a prospective worker to accept the offer.

Conclusion: A happy and healthy employee will give better turnover, make good decisions and positively contribute to the organizational goal. An assured good quality of work life will not only attract young and new talent but also retain the existing experienced talent.

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Posted: 07/10/2016 00:04:15

Thanks a lot...very useful...easy to understand

Posted: 11/07/2014 08:41:40

well ,while describing the characteristics of the organisation, it would be preferable that the author should have given a glimpse into the characteristics as experienced in top organisations ,and those in not so reputed ones. further it is the role of the top teams to improve the ambience ...under performers and mediocre performers need to be motivated, trained, and hand-held and through this process to be shifted to better performers categories. Going further in details assisting an employee resolve his personal problems could have tremendous impact in his/her attachment, motivation and attitude at work place

Posted: 19/01/2014 02:32:15

Dear All,
Good And Currently needed topic in the current Business situation to overcome stress.

Posted: 29/05/2013 23:45:57

Very nicely said. Short & sweet. Keep on sharing......can link this to 'Work Life Balance' also.

Posted: 14/04/2013 08:12:51

It is very useful

Posted: 08/04/2013 02:43:39

neat and Brief

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it gives us a heart touching information by day to day activity.we have to learn it and implement it profoundly then gives us happier.

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it's good it helped a lot to me and my all friend

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informative and can easily b understood. its really helpful.

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it is very useful summary to us for improvement our skill , Knowledge as well as maintain compentency.

Posted: 23/07/2012 12:40:29

can i have literature review on QWL?

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Very nice,and useful

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Very nice , its very useful to me

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throws very useful insights into work life

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The article is really good and very informative.

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can i have literature review on quality of work life of the worker?

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Impressively written

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useful article

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Its very clear and simple for understanding.very good and useful...

Posted: 29/12/2011 02:04:35

A very well written article on Quality of Work Life. However, QWL is a sub-set of Quality of life.QWL & Quality of life both contribute towards individual employee's work performance and eventually to attain organizational goal.
It is unfortunate that much research yet need to be carried out to explore fully into QWL to derive maximum out put from employees as well as to provide them good overall quality of life!

Posted: 21/11/2011 14:05:56

its very useful to understand that how every aspect of life require quality....

Posted: 27/09/2011 05:33:28

Human Resource Managment

Posted: 15/09/2011 11:52:38

Thanks for this.

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It is very useful to me , very good.

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Posted: 21/03/2011 01:37:59

Very nice, useful for our project "Quality Of Work Life" M.COM 3rd-4th sem "U.K." posted : 21-03- 2011 11:06 AM

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Posted: 07/03/2011 23:25:24

Quality of Work Life
Quality of work life is a multifaceted concept. The Premise of quality of work life is having a work environment where an employee’s activities become more important. This means implementing procedures or policies that makes the work less routine and more rewarding for the employee. These procedures or polices include autonomy, recognition, belonging, progress and development, and external rewards.
Autonomy deals with the amount of freedom that employees can exercise in their job. Recognition involves being valued by others in the company. Belonging refers to being part of organization. Progress and development refers to the “Internal rewards and available from the organization; challenge, and accomplishment.” And finally, external rewards, which are usually in the form salary and benefits but also, include “Promotion, rank and status.
These components provide for the quality of work life for the individual. If the quality of work life is lacking then worker productivity may suffer.

Posted: 28/02/2011 08:09:50

Very good article,really very useful to me.
I need one copy of this.

Posted: 24/02/2011 12:05:20

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Posted: 19/02/2011 03:05:52

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Posted: 08/02/2011 06:58:58

can i have the questionniare for quality of work life for organisations in depth towards the differences between the facilities provided by organisation and expected by employee.

Posted: 07/02/2011 01:37:55

nice article in its kind, meanwhile it must be very useful to the scholars those who were research on the same topic as "quality of work life"

thanks to the writer.

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very educational.

Posted: 16/01/2011 05:10:25

very educational.

Posted: 07/01/2011 23:23:00

Very good summary.Useful for the Orgl Behaviour paper of MSc Psychology

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