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Job Description : Are they Necessary ?

Every organization has a clear goal to accomplish and for this, some general and specific jobs have to be done by its workforce. Every job in any organization is clearly defined and job description communicates all the relevant information connected to the job apart from its precise definition and title. Job Description is an effective method of communicating what is expected from a particular job-seeker, under what conditions he is expected to work, what are the major skills and knowledge required for the job and all other information related to the job so as to enable him decide whether he is eligible to apply for the same or not.

Each and every job has a properly defined position in the job hierarchy of the organization which is rated and evaluated according to its position. A job description briefly indicates the prospective employee’s job title or designation; what work he has to do and how much he has to complete, deadlines he has to adhere to etc. It also gives sufficient details about the following :-

Nature of job - whether it is permanent, temporary or casual work. Full time position, part-time, flexible time, freelance job, contract job, consultancy job, assignment of a project, on-and-off duty, or work - from home option. Duties, responsibilities and obligations associated with it and what it will contribute to the corporate goal. Working conditions namely indoor job, outdoor job, field job, on board job, cruise. Basic mandatory qualifications, skill, knowledge, experience, training requirements, preferable additional qualifications and skills, License and passport requirements, work permit, visa requirements in the case of jobs abroad and off shore jobs. Special abilities, soft skills, people skills, traits, qualities required to the specific job. Salary, wages, reward, performance incentive if any, honorarium, achievement-based commission if applicable, perks and privileges available if any, availability of pension option, stock option, medical and entertainment allowance if applicable, age limitation and any relaxation if any whether the job warrants limited travel or extensive travel, whether the job-seeker is required to relocate the job’s position and worth in the organization to whom he will be reporting and whom he will be controlling. Additional preferable information like publications, paper submissions and research work undertaken. The period of probation or training and terms of confirmation.

Hence every job in the organization has to be analyzed, defined, and explained so that it does not give room for doubts, interpretations, discrepancies and anomalies. It does not give room for grievances. Each employee is accountable for his allotted work, answerable to his boss, and responsible for the protection of tools, instruments, equipment and property under his control. Job Description is an objective and logical method of ranking jobs thereby eliminating unjustified differentials in the wage structure. Knowles and Thompson opines that job description is useful in eliminating the following discrepancies of wage payment system :-

1. Payment of high wages and salaries to a person who holds jobs and position which do not require great academic qualifications, skill, and effort and does not involve any major responsibility and paying beginners less amount than they are actually entitled to receive for the work they do.

2. Paying widely varied salaries for the same or closely related similar jobs and positions.

3. Payment of unequal wages and salaries on the basis of race, ethnic background and gender.

Job Description helps the job-seeker to assess and match his capabilities with that of those required and enables him decide whether the position is suitable for him.

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