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Managing Diversity in Organization : Part II

The Human Resource Manager of the Business Organizations will have a challenging job especially when he intends to build a diverse man power resource for his Organization. Managing a widely spread diverse workforce is all the more difficult. Diversity training has to be scheduled at least twice in a year. In spite of his best consorted efforts work and life conflicts would keep showing its face every now and then. These are the common problems of many Multi National Companies which boast a wide span of diverse work force such as Schlumberger, Avon, Mc Donald, Pepsi, Hyundai, Xerox, Pizza Hut etc. These major Organizations have a remarkable role in trend-setting in Diversity Management in Organizations. They have successfully handled many issues concerning diversity in culture, race, ethnicity, age group and gender. These Organization heads have to be vigilant always and be ready to sort out the conflicts and manage the employees. The diversity culture in the Organization warrants high level of tactfulness, tolerance, compassion, sensitivity and forethought in order to maintain a conducive industrial atmosphere.

Some Multi National Companies who hire people from different countries and different race pay different compensation for each category of people and they justify their action. However if the variation in the pay structure is too large for the same or similar job done by different people the low-paid employees lose interest and initiative in the job and pile up their resentment to be blown up one day or other. The feeling of being exploited and differentiated as an inferior category will definitely provoke resentment. They wait for a better opportunity elsewhere and move to the greener pastures. When the company is in dire need of qualified technical staff with international exposure and experience they do not find a suitable candidate. It is high time that this point is realized with its due importance and a corrective attitude emerges.

Gender disparity is again an interesting subject for the Corporate Managers and the researchers. Though women constitute a major pool of talented, well-qualified, sincere, disciplined, experienced, workforce in any organization the problems and difficulties faced by them were not given due importance by the Corporate community. The Organizations were shunning away from entrusting any important assignment or even a routine promotion which is overdue. Only since last twenty five years Human Resource Development Managers have turned their attention to find out the difficulties of working women who have dependant school-going children. More Organizations showed keen interest in this and started becoming more women-friendly. On-site day care centers were started, summer day camps were arranged, flexi-time and staggered hours duties were introduced specially for women. Women in the higher positions were permitted to do telecommuting and take care of their respective projects from home. The Managers knew the mothers’ psychology very well that once the women are sure of the safety and care of their children they would not mind working late evenings also. Even now, only after getting the assurance that the women employees will be ferried back and forth between home and office by the Organization women became ready to take up night shift jobs in the Business Processing Organizations.

Studies reveal even men and women who have to handle higher responsibilities and who have to travel and tour lot, feel stressed out as they are deprived of quality time with their families and also feel helpless, being unable to share the personal responsibilities with their spouses. Research shows 90% of men after forty five years are reluctant to take up touring jobs and on and off duties. The reason they quote is that they have developed an array of health problems such as acidity, indigestion, irritating attitude etc. 82% of men employees between the age group 22 to 35 do not mind working throughout the night, as long as they are served with refreshments in between and the provision for some indoor game sessions or chat sessions in between. 95% of men employees in the age group of 35 to 45 years opined that they definitely hate working on week-end holidays and prefer to go for a short picnic with their families and be away from the buzz.

This is a topic which is evolving everyday and as new kind of jobs are created, new kind of peculiar problems related to these jobs arise and conventional as well as unconventional methods are adopted to take care of them.

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