Performance Development Planning
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Organizational Success is the culmination of personal goals of each staff member and the organizational goal. Every employee has a personal goal set by him and he will try to acquire knowledge, skill and experience and use them to test his abilities, thereby contributing to the organization. Every organization has pre-planned goals to achieve, which is possible by effective contribution by each employee of each department in each division. Each staff member has to complete his allotted work in time accurately so that the entire department’s work is completed in time. So each person is very well aware that without him the department cannot complete its work. He knows the effects of delay in his work. He knows his worth to his department as well as to the organization. As everyone in the organization has his personal goal to achieve something, everyone will work with superlative degree of performance, thereby contributing his share of performance to the organization. On achieving the personal goal each employee lays the foundation for his career success. In order to get promotion, he equips himself with new skills and show higher performance in his work. As a result of this, the overall performance of the organization will go up which will bring more business results and hence more revenue to the business organization.

The organization will pass on the benefit to its employees by way of Incentive or Bonus to boost their morale and to motivate further increase in their performance. The employee will be ready to work more because he got additional money. This again leads to more productivity and better performance results, therefore more business for the organization which results in its expansion. Expansion of the existing business needs more experienced people for higher positions and supervisory jobs. Therefore more number of people will be promoted and more number of beginners will be added to the workforce. The promoted staff will become more loyal and strive hard towards the organization success more vigorously. The prosperity of one leads to the prosperity of another. Both of them grow and develop together simultaneously. An expert remarks like this: "The only thing that constrains our growth is our ability to hire a superior workforce." Instead of hiring better talent from outside source we can as well groom the people within the organization; train and improve them by mentoring, monitor their progress regularly, help them cope up with the problems and difficulties, make them deserve the promotion and then promote them.

Training is a process where development is an end. The beginners learn about the procedures to be adopted and it saves time, improves efficiency and turnover in the actual work. The training creates knowledged workforce. The trained employees become eligible to take up higher responsibilities and get ready for promotions. They contribute better results to the organization. Performance Management System and the methods of Personal Development Planning are communicated to the employee so that the employee sets his own personal goal in line with organizational goal. Performance Development Planning builds a pool of superior workforce.

There are many advantages in this Performance Management and Personal development Program. The organization retains a loyal, sincere and committed staff member, the cost of finding new talent is avoided, the amount invested in training the present staff has not gone waste and the promoted staff member is happier, more committed to his work, gives better results, works for longer hours without complaining, puts in more effort to give better performance. This is what was expected by the organization, after all. Now the same staff member aims to be in a higher position some years by his hard work. The same cycle repeats itself over and over again accelerating further growth to the organization and the individual staff. Performance Development Planning Meetings are held regularly with the employee. The job is described in clear terms what and how should be the output of the employee. The mentor reviews the improvement/progress in his individual performance and gives feedback to the employee. The employee writes down his thoughts about his Personal Development Goal and Business Goal and gets the feedback from the Mentor. Both of them interact about this. Both of them observe and record the progress in performance, find out the flaws and correct them then and there. As a cut diamond costs more the final product is up to the mark and as expected. Though this exercise seems to be time-consuming it is worth the time spent as it sets a standard for the performance of the employee. Once the employee knows what to deliver and with what degree of perfection, It becomes a habit for him to give turnover with best performance.

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