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Sunday - 12 Jul 2020 on LinkedIn
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Should Work be Fun ?

Of course work should be fun!!! Who does not enjoy fun? What a question to ask!!! What constitutes fun at workplace? Why do people need fun when they are at work?

Our century is characterized by unusual stress. All countries want to realize the American dream when America is just waking up from it. But the process has been set in motion and there is no turning back. People work long hours, mostly five days a week and then they take care of their homes and families over the weekend. The working hours are strenuous and the employees feel that they are disconnected from themselves. In order to integrate their lives, the firms now strive to make work less of a chore and more of fun. Whereas management was earlier defined as getting work done through people, it is now defined as developing people through work.

While fun is to be made an important component of work, it should integrate itself to the core job roles of the employees. Some thing that the firm can do to encourage is to celebrate the birthdays of the employees. Each team can come together in the evening to have a small celebration. The teams can also organize lunches and dinners, which can be formal and informal. Also, anniversaries of employment with the firm should be rewarded or at least recognized.

There are some key constituents to a fun filled work environment. They are, having an open line of communication with no hidden agenda, each employee must take ownership of his job, and each person should know how to take appropriate risk in order to achieve higher targets, encourage creativity, encourage mutual trust and have a close knit culture that appears almost tribal.

All employees must learn to do some things for themselves at the work place so that they do not stretch themselves in an untoward manner. The most basic thing they can do is to follow the Golden Rule and care for the people they work with. Everyone must understand that if they do not have fun, others would not find them fun to work with. Managers and team leaders must allow their team members to fail so that they may learn to excel and not look for perfection. It also makes sense to play the fool at times!!! We spend more than half our waking lives at work. We should rather learn to enjoy it or suffer of misery.

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