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The Way Ahead for HR Specialists

Human Resources is that segment of a firm that is devoted to recruiting, training, retaining, or in some cases, terminating employees. HR deals with most personnel issues. To attract the best qualified employees and then match them to the profile of the jobs which suit them best is a factor that influences the success of an organization to a very large extent. Nonetheless the top management might not be able to do this directly because of the large size of the firm. Human Resources specialists act as a bridge between the management and the employees.

The key functions of an HR specialist are:

• To interview and recruit employees.
• To support hiring decisions so that they are in harmony with the requirements and policies of the firm.
• To boost the morale as well as productivity of the employees.
• To curtail job turnover.
• To aid in the effective use of the skills of the employees
• To provide training in order to enhance the skill sets
• To assist in employee satisfaction with regards to the work conditions as well their jobs.

In small organizations, an HR generalist might be able to handle most of the work which requires a broad spectrum of knowledge. But in larger firms the HR executives normally develop and coordinate personnel policies and programs.

Competencies of an HR Specialist

The HR specialist must be capable of assessing and balancing core values. He/she must able be creative and innovative as well as build relationships based on mutual trust. This trust will aid in encouraging the employees to act and make decisions. Designing and using surveys is an important activity of the HR specialist. This is used to get feedback from the employees. Resources should be managed well. While the HR specialist may have a stand-alone position, he/she must be able to work in a team. The HR specialist must be able to mentor, coach and counsel in order to foster talent. The principles of Organizational Development must be applied well. Communication and an inclination to serve the employee are keys to success as HR specialist. The HR specialist must also be able to develop effective solutions to any problematic situation that may arise. This would require the application of analytical as well as people skills. The HR specialist should understand team as well as individual behavior which mean that he/she should know organizational behavior and psychology. Human potential must be maximized by the implementation of best practices. Business systems as well as Information Technology should be understood well. The HR specialist should be well-versed with the policies and laws of HR.

Hugh Mitchell is HR Director for the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies speaks of his personal recipe for success as an HR specialist in an interview with “The Way Ahead,” an online HR magazine:

Always carry out tasks to completion and to the highest possible quality standards. That is what gets you the invitation to contribute more strategically and broadly.

Test your boundaries:
Take all opportunities to understand and get involved in the wider organization you are part of.

Seize opportunities when they come:
From assignment to assignment, we get exposed to diverse and potentially enriching situations (e.g., working on a state-of-the-art technology or with a visionary leader). Being able to see these opportunities and to draw real experience and learning from them is the key to success.”

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