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Coping with BPO Related Stress

In the global competitive market where every penny counts, BPO plays a major role as it involves subcontracting the core as well as the non-core areas of business to other places of reduced cost .The main objective of Business Process Outsourcing is to help the company earn better revenue through cost reduction. By outsourcing, the company can be more cost effective, efficient and flexible. It helps to invest more money, time and human resources into core areas of business.

BPO business is a major source of employment in the developing economy where efficient cheap labour are in abundance. But the initial rosy days of the BPO business where it was seen as a job with increased wages, job prestige and better quality of life, are now gone. Severe competition amongst the developing economy to provide cheaper but efficient labour, forces the existing employees to provide quality work within a limited time span. The deadlines are becoming more stringent and the hours put in are on the rise. Also being in direct contact with the end customer requires the employees to be always on the alert. This plays havoc with the health of the people. Shortfall in career growth seen in certain outsourced businesses make it appalling. This demotivates the employees which in turn gets reflected on the work done by them.

The endless stress and the long untimely hours put in makes it difficult to maintain a work-life balance. Disconsolate with their family life, the employees find it difficult to provide good results. Outsourcing is a job based on trust. Lack of trust takes out the enjoyment in doing work. The movement of job to places of reduced cost has made people in the existing business insecure. Lack of proper guidance and career planning makes them unemployable.

As the outcomes of these are eventually seen on oneself, steps should be taken by one to overcome the predicament. We are responsible for our happiness. So the root cause of every problem should be analysed and solution should be found to matters within one’s limit. Every company should also have a guidance counsellor who is to identify the stressed out people and help them out. He should be able to help them out in making the long and short term career plans, place the milestones in between and keep track of the actual progress. The employees should also be helped in having a work-life balance. They should be asked to do the household chores in advance so that meaningful time can be spent with the family. The importance of doing activities of interest to the kids like playing together and family outings that can help in bringing the family together should be accentuated. Team outings and better working environment where one is applauded for his achievements help in removing the stress to a large extent.

Moving in accordance with a good career plan with the support of the family can always improve self confidence, thus making one employable. And if possible, the employees should be permitted to work from home. The stress on commuting and the interruptions in the office are thus reduced.

The shortcomings faced by IT enabled services can be used to prevent the flaws emerging in upcoming businesses like Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Legal Process Outsourcing thus providing a comfortable working environment in future.

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