How to Write Right ?
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Learn to write well, or not to write at all - John Dryden.

It is a fact, for the power of pen is immense. The content should be well drafted so as to convey the right message to the right people. If unclear, the very purpose of it is lost.

The content of any article reflects the inner thoughts and the personality of the writer. The writer should have a clear picture of the core of the subject matter in advance before starting to pen.

While writing an article the points to keep in mind are:

First job is to identify the people for whom the contents are meant. Audiences have different needs. A clear idea of the targeted audience must be had before venturing to write.

The content must be decided in advance.

The matter to be written should be well researched .These days thanks to the internet; the job of research is possible within the four walls of the house. However, you still need to dig for that right article, the right book, right journal to get your points. Once it is done, jot down the points and make sure everything comes out in a continuous sequence.

Draft the text.

Every article must have a beginning. The gist must be reflected in the opening paragraph.

Keep the length of paragraphs and the sentences short. Put only the views, words, sentences and paragraphs that are absolutely necessary. Cut down on adjectives.

Make sure the points mentioned are coherent. Never contradict yourself.

Ensure that there is a flow. The flow can be assured if the research is done well. Else the audience gets distracted.

Tie them together. The article should be tight. The introduction and conclusion must match. Ideally, it should be possible for a person to just pick any paragraph and start reading without feeling lost. Gurucharan Das’ “India Unbound” is a good example of this technique.

Don’t force your view; instead give the reader the opportunity to draw their own conclusion in certain cases. Present options and alternatives before them and let them have the opportunity to conclude by their own.

Edit and revise once done. Ensure that there is a proper flow in the material. Check spellings and grammar and make corrections, if needed.

Bring about a conversational tone in writing if possible as it helps to grasp what the writer has to say easily than the flowery language.

Add similes as it can make a dry content interesting.

Depending on the use of the paper, the contents and the technique varies. For example, a project report helps in explaining an ongoing project and make further investigation. Minutes, on the other hand, are permanent records. They expect actual recording of data. There is no room for adjectives.

In technical writing specialized knowledge is conveyed to specialists. They should be able to grasp the current situation and make further analysis if possible. Depending on the needs of the audience the paper should be documented.

As Thomas Mann has said, “a writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people” as the effort put in to make an article capture interest is no easy task.

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