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Speedy Recruitment Through Internet

In a world where there is a continuous race against time, people find solace in anything that can aid in saving time. The evolvement of internet as a communication media has revolutionised development in all sects of life. Business entities use internet as a guide and aid to all managerial functions.

Today’s business demands right talent to the role assigned to speed up activities. Internet with its high speed and reach assists in the selection of the right person with the right profile to the specific role.

In India, there is an abundant supply of young talent who are willing to relocate for better working conditions. A speedy selection process can exploit the talents when it is young and willing. Traditionally, corporations resorted to the print media, walk-in-interviews to invite talents. But this method took its own pace to complete the job. For example, an advertisement calling for talents put in a newspaper is generally published on specific days. The print media advertisements are generally responded through “snail mails” which have the possibility of being lost in transit.

Now internet is used to browse through Google, chat through Yahoo, Skype etc, in forming mailing lists like Yahoo or Google groups, in building community groups through Orkut, to know the world news, etc. Call for prospective candidates can be put through advertisements or job sites. Advertisements for job applications can be searched through search engines like Google. Context sensitive advertisements is another way to search for specific jobs. For example, while checking mails through Google, advertisements related to the text of the mail, pops up on one side of the mail. This is another way of reaching people.

Another way to search for prospective candidates is through job sites. A huge number of websites open the door for talent. These firms inform the candidates through mails whenever their profile matches with the requirements of the companies. The candidates need reply only if they find it satisfactory. A wide range of people can be reached through the internet whereas through the traditional methods like print media, the reach is limited to a particular place. For example, an advertisement put in the Delhi edition of a newspaper cannot reach the millions of talents residing in other parts of India. Geographical boundaries are not applicable to the internet. It can reach people all over the world at the same time, thus saving time and cost. It makes it easier to recruit the right candidate from a variety of people with different job profiles.

After shortlisting the candidates, they can be informed through e-mails, and interviews can be conducted through video conferencing. Video conferencing can save the time and cost spent on travel. Also it makes it easier to consider candidates from all over the world. Once the prospective candidate is recruited, an offer letter is sent through e-mail. In India, ICICI sends the soft copy of the offer letter through e-mails followed by a hard copy sent by post, thus reducing the chances for loss in transit.
Thus internet as a media offers immense support to the companies to recruit the right candidates with the ideal profile suited for a specific job, breaking all the geographical and time boundaries, thus ensuring chances for better quality to their products and services.

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