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Managing Your Human Resource Career

The human resource career got revolutionized in the past decade from a payroll processor to a strategic consultant in an organization. Previously they were in charge of recruitment and payroll processing. Now it is an area which is in a very good demand as a profession which much challenges.

One can opt a career in Human Resource Management or in a Human Resource Department. Human Resource Management is in charge of the normal processes like recruiting the right candidate to the right job, payroll processing and ensuring compliance with the labour law. Recruitment includes calling for applications, initial screening, interviews, deciding on the pay factor and final selection. The human resource manager should be knowledgeable about labour laws, employee best practices, retention techniques, employee and team motivation. She is to provide for the basic amenities to create a good working environment for the employees.

A career in Human Resource Department is broader in the sense it deals with the behavioral aspects of the manpower. They provide necessary data to the top management in strategic planning. The human resource department does the job analysis to scrutinize the existing manpower skills, find the gap and provide the necessary training to bridge the gap to ensure the smooth flow of work. The manpower is constantly brought under study to make them skilled and efficient to face the challenges of work. Training makes job rotation possible, which in turn lay the framework for career growth.

Before making a proposal before a prospective customer, the top management must be supplied information on the current work force skills before deciding on the cost factor. This data is provided by the human resource department. A human resource department has three options before them:

• Utilise the existing skills of the workforce to meet the new job requirements.

• Analyse the job, determine the key skills required, scrutinize the gap, and provide necessary training to make them competent to face the new job.
• Decide on the manpower requirement and recruit them on the basis of their needs.

The remuneration should correspond with that of the industry to reduce labour attrition. The human resource development manager is to have a general picture of the existing rates, forecast immediate changes in the labour remuneration, and provide the necessary information to the top management to aid in budgeting. In India, labour unions have a strong hold on many industrial undertakings. It is upto the human resource department to have an amicable relationship with the labour union to avoid work disruptions. She is to play the role of a mediator in times of labour unrest between the management and labour unions.

The constantly challenging work makes one forget his career. A human resource manager must be a member of professional associations to be in constant touch with the changing scenario. It provides better chances for career growth. A proper career planning is inevitable to climb the path towards success. She can either opt for a career in human resource management or human resource development depending on the tastes and talent, for which a self analysis helps. Subscribing to professional journals and taking part in seminars can help to be in touch with peers for career development. She should have a happy outlook to ensure success.

A career in human resource is a challenging and responsible job which requires constant touch with the changing economic and social environment for its success.

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