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Train Your Employees Towards High Career Growth

Each individual has his own aspirations, dreams and talents. To streamline their dreams to a solid actuality is by no means easy. A frustrated employee can spread the negative flames very quickly within the organization. To retain the staff by providing an environment open for growth is an ongoing process.

The first step is to identify the dreams, passions and skills of the people. Employee perception survey is to be conducted at the time of recruitment and the organization should lay the groundwork for its achievement in the long term. The goals must be reviewed frequently to judge its significance to the current situation.

On recruiting an employee, provide an introductory training to induct the employee to the process. Then conduct the performance appraisal at regular intervals to identify the key skills and to take steps to improve and enhance the existing skills and to develop new skills. For example, if one shows leadership qualities, enhance the skill through more leadership enhancement trainings. Constant training to improve the leadership skills in the changing scenario should be undertaken. For instance, Wipro starts with New Leaders Programme for beginners, followed by Wipro Leaders Programme to those who have experience as a leader, which is succeeded by Business Leaders Programme and Strategic Leaders Programme. The employees are to be constantly kept under close watch to analyse their progress to augment their talents. Constant supervision and training lay the foundation for their growth.

Training to reinforce the hard skills in accordance to the changes in the technology is inevitable to make the employees face the challenges brought by the changes efficiently and effectively. Workshops with “hands on” skills can increase the confidence and reduce resistance to change. Better confidence improves productivity and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction improves visibility in the organization. Moreover the employee will be willing to opt for job rotation which has a similar or different background. Variety of work can cultivate better understanding of different technologies, and increased knowledge elevates his chances for career growth.

With individuals having unique characteristics, training on their “soft skills” helps to have better interpersonal relationships within the team as well as the organization. A better insight on the behavioral patterns helps in better interaction, reduces conflicts, and above all helps in a better understanding of oneself. The team lead and team member should always have a coach-mentor relationship. Trainings concentrated on one’s creative abilities can assist in tapping one’s own potentials for self actualization of the objectives.

Besides these, trainings and workshops can bring discipline into actions and thoughts; participation improves responsibility, accountability and problem solving ability, and increases enthusiasm to her actions. With the specific and general outlook widened, the chances for goal achievement are assured.

A company providing better prospects for career growth can create a good brand image as a good employer. With highly skilled and motivated employees striving for excellence in performance, the company can be sure of the quality in the products and services delivered, leading to customer satisfaction. Higher retention rates of skilled workers can guarantee profit and wealth maximization. However, these are possible only in an organization which has a clear vision of its objectives, backed by an organisational structure with clearcut channels of communication and a good evaluation system.

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