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Resigning Diplomatically from Your Job

With greater opportunities opening up before an individual, one has the option to look for another job to satisfy her personal needs. With a great demand for key skills, employees look for greener pasture in circumstances of dissatisfaction with the existing employer. But great pains must be taken to leave a positive feeling behind you while leaving the organization.

No matter what the reason for resignation is, be it for personal reasons, for better career prospects, always play diplomatically while informing about your plans on quitting. Submit a well drafted resignation letter stating the reason for leaving the organisation. Never raise any controversial topics in the letter which might harm another party just for the satisfaction of scoring points on account of a personal grudge. A general picture of your reason, like better chances for growth, better benefits etc might be mentioned.

Always give respect to the notice period. Never leave your team in lurch. Show respect for whatever you gained, intellectually or monetarily, as a member of the organization, even if you were unhappy with it. Offer to help the replacement in any way possible to avoid a break in the flow of the operations. Make sure that all the pending works are fully completed before you take leave. We remain responsible and accountable for all the tasks-in-hand until the last day in the entity. But the team members might fail to ask for your presence in many instances. Learn to accept it in good terms, and never let the hurt ego lead into an argument.

Always clean up your desk and remove all personal belongings before taking leave. All personal files, unwanted files, personal programmes, all must be removed from the computer. But never delete files that might offer quick reference to the new employee taking up your role. If the person to the role is decided, inform him about the way you have organised the files, assist in outlining the general framework of the task, provide necessary shortcuts and hints to help the latter to succeed.

Before leaving, always remember to take contact details of your colleagues and other people with whom you have worked in the organization. Keep regular contact with them through telephone or email to broaden your network. A good network can lead to a speedier growth in life. Never forget to thank the team members for their help and support to you. This helps to negate the raw feelings for each other to an extent.

Most companies conduct an exit interview before the employee leaves the organization to identify the reasons for the same and take measurements to rectify them so as to reduce the labour attrition in the organization. During the exit interview with the HR, never bring personal feelings to it. However, if the reason to quit has something to do with the organisational policies, point them out to aid the management to bring about the modifications. In many cases, if the employee quitting has recorded an excellent performance, the company might be unwilling to let go the human asset. A counter offer might be put forward to coax the employee to reconsider her decision. But a counter offer should not be accepted, however exciting it is. Studies reveal that the counter offer acceptance has not become successful in the long term retention of the employee. Moreover, a wavering decision creates a negative image of the employee.

No matter what the reason is for resigning, always do it diplomatically. A bad comment by the previous employer can never brighten the future plans.

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