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Dealing with a Bad Boss

It is said, employees join organization and leave their managers. A ‘bad boss’ thus is one of the major causes for attrition. Even though many fail to reveal it during the time of exit interview, it has been found that unfair attitude from the immediate boss is the hidden cause in many cases. The success lay in how effectively the relation between the boss and the employee can be made good.

Before blaming the boss, conduct a self assessment to check whether the job is done properly. It is easier to blame someone than conduct a self study on one’s performance. If we are fully convinced of our performance, find ways on how to deal with the bad boss.

Lack of appreciation on individual excellence is a major cause in many cases. The manager might turn a blind eye to the good performance, but might pinpoint you on a small error. This is unacceptable in many cases. The first step to take is to verify the extent of visibility the work done has on the organization. If the work done was appreciated in another department, or by a higher authority, recognize it as a better opportunity to climb to ladder to success and ignore the present turmoil. Similarly, many face the situation where the manager may scream at them for no reason. The error may be negligible or the employee may not be at fault in many cases. Try to deal with such a manager by speaking in a subdued tone, which might make the manager feel that he is making a fool of himself. Never bring emotions into an argument. It can only end up in making the situation worse. If the emotional riot is with a cause, acceptance of the same can bring down the argument.

Another major reason for dissatisfaction is the partial treatment to a few employees. Non-appreciation and non-acceptance of an individual can have a negative impact on her performance. Solution to such a situation is to improve self performance and gain more exposure. Never go for a confrontation with the manager as it will lead to an ego clash, worsening the existing tense relationship. Inflate the ego of the superior by telling him that you require his constant support and confidence to improve her performance. This might work in many times.

Many managers try to steal the limelight by taking credit for the work done by the team members. But she might be the first to pinpoint the blame at you in case of some errors. This arises in the case where the manager lacks confidence in himself. To overcome such a situation, try to address the mail with your work to more people as this will convince them on who is responsible for the action. Always remember that such a manager cannot survive long in the severe competitive world for long.

A manager may be said to be bad when he delegates the whole lot of work to the subordinates and enjoy her time in the office. The positive way of dealing it is by considering it as an opportunity for gaining wider knowledge. But things go bad when the manager refuses to communicate on the work-in-hand or how it is to be performed. In majority of cases as it is faced by the whole team, they can bring about the subject and suggestions in the team meeting.

Always lay the possibility that the manager does not know that his performance as a leader is not upto the mark. In such a situation, the team members can assist the manager in improving her style of doing the work. But in many cases she may refuse to accept it, which is when the things turn sour for the team members. If you have self confidence in your performance, ignore it. Else confront the manager keeping another option open in case the working atmosphere worsens for self development. If that does not produce the desired results, escalate the situation to higher levels of hierarchy. There are many instances where this failed to create the desired outcome. When the situation arises, look for a job within the organization or outside it.

One time or another in our professional life, we might have to deal with a ‘bad boss’. The success lies in how we take up the challenge to our advantage.

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Posted: 17/03/2012 04:37:45

I can explain this in two lines -

1. If you are experienced and intelligent enough, you will quit to either find a better boss or get into your own business.

2. Just be there and wait for things to happen, you aren't good enough yet to think about making things happen.

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