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Job Satisfaction : The “Key” Lies With You

“Happiness does not depend on the size of or content of a goal, but on the strength of desire to have it.” (Simon Soloveychik – Parenting for everyone). Likewise there is no common tool to measure job satisfaction. To seek happiness in a job, a positive attitude is inevitable. The strength of one’s character is reflected if she finds contentment in her work.

Always proceed with an end in view. Before starting with a career conduct a self analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats open before her. This is the first step to be taken to have job satisfaction. The books that hold interest, the hobbies pursued etc can give a hint of areas of interest. Then make a job selection by surfing through the net, personal contacts, career counselors and others who have experience in the field.

After gaining entry to the job of your choice, take maximum advantage of the opportunities provided by the entity. Many a times things may not move the way we expect them to. This leads to dissatisfaction. A conscious step can minimize the chances of self destruction. Companies provide training facilities to all employees to make them competent in every activity they undertake. Always see training as a means to strengthening one’s capabilities and minimizing the impact of negative aspects. Take active participation in all workshops to overcome the shyness and turn out to be leader the organization looks upon. Mistakes can always happen, however experienced you are. Never let mistakes discourage you from going forward. Training programmes can also be utilized to overcome every kind of weaknesses that can be a source for demotivation.

In case of a bad boss, never let it intimidate you. In case the manager fails to appreciate your efforts, try to outperform yourself and gain more visibility from other people in the organization. If the manager screams for every minute error and does not congratulate on your efforts, don’t let it dispirit your confidence, but consider it as a chance to improve yourself. Inflate the ego of the manager by requesting for his encouragement for your success.

Work stress is another cause that can deflate your spirits. Stress can lead to emotional turmoil affecting the professional and personal life negatively. Fight work related stress by being more organised, and improving the knowledge through proper research in advance. Compulsory allotment of time for meeting personal needs is inevitable to fight stress. A hobby, finding time with the family, physical exercises can all help to tranquilize the senses, thereby increasing efficiency and resulting in quality output. Quality output and increased efficiency improves self confidence and it develops a mind that can ward off negative feelings. Frame the mind in such a way that the tensions of work do not decide the outcome of personal life. Bringing home the work stress can increase the tensions in personal relationship leading to dejection in every activity.

A positive attitude cultivates a radiant person. The ability to see the goodness in everything aids in turning every threat for personal growth into an opportunity. It can be therefore said that the key to job satisfaction lies in you.

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