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Preparing Effective Powerpoint Presentations for Management Meetings

Powerpoint presentations are used for gaining businesses to training employees. A well drafted well, presented presentation can exude a positive impact on a prospective customer resulting in increased business and better brand image. The popularity of powerpoint rose as they assist in conveying crucial data in a more concise and attractive manner. They are effective only when they succeed in conveying the information meant to be transmitted.

The first step is to identify the key elements meant to be conveyed. Once done, conduct a detailed research on the same to be well versed on the subject and to reduce chances for omittance. Create a flowchart to decide on the sequence of the data to ensure a smooth flow reducing perplexity. The introduction should be so drafted so as to contain the gist of the matter that the presenter wishes to convey. Once done, decide on the colour and text of the font and the background. They should be decided after taking into account the kind of room in which the presentation is to be made. The amount of slides, and the number of words in each slide as well as on each point must be kept at a minimum by using the keywords or phrases to convey the idea. Text must be reduced as they will fail to hold the attention of the audience for long and getting them distracted can lead to the failure of the reason behind the presentation. Font size is a crucial factor in the presentation. Too small a font may not be visible on a bigger screen. Always stick to the fonts supported by Windows as the rest may fail to function during the time of presentation. Similar care must be taken while loading animated images as they may fail to perform in the middle of the presentation leading to chaos. While choosing the images, make sure that no copyright is being violated. The presentation must contain just enough information to convey the main point and its supportive data. Too many data increases the chances for deviation from the main topic and this leads to confused results. Once done, conduct a spell check to eliminate mistakes. The content of the slides must be then converted into a suitable format for the circulation of the same amongst the audience for their reference.

Before the actual presentation, rehearse it well in advance to make it perfect. Conduct a trial run before the actual presentation in a similar room with the projector and similar lighting to verify how attractive the slides are. Make the necessary modifications and go for another trial run to make them captivating. The font size and the colours must have the expected impact on the bigger screen. The vocal presentation must be in track with the slides. Make sure that while presenting, one does not get deviated from the points in hand. The contents must be conveyed within the allotted time.

Arrive early on the day of the presentation to check that the projector, lighting, seating arrangements, the manual to be circulated are all in order. Provision for a back-up on the failure of any of these must be made to create a good image. Inform the audience if the interactive session is at the end of the presentation. Emphasis must be made on the key points. If the question-answer session is conducted simultaneously, conscious effort must be taken to avoid deviations from the topic in hand. Always ensure that the presentation is completed within the allotted time.

The powerpoint presentation must be capable of drawing attention to itself and convey the point meant to be transmitted. The presenter must always remain in the background. A good presentation, backed by a charismatic presenter, never fails to give immediate positive results.

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