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Human Resources or Human Relations

The foundation for the recognition of human needs was laid by the Hawthorne studies. Previously people were considered as a means for improving productivity. The attention given to the employees during the Hawthorne study convinced the need for recognition. Human relationships were given more consideration by the human resource department to motivate the individuals to better productivity.

Individuals differ in their basic temperament, skills, knowledge, needs and expectations. Their differing beliefs and ethics can lead to conflicts. According to Koontz “management is the art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organised groups”. To negate the individual differences and co-ordinate the individual efforts and to make them work as a team is the task of the human resource management. Team work is inevitable for the sustenance of the business. The absence of teamwork makes the attainment of the organisational goals insurmountable. While recruiting the employees, the human resource manager is to enquire individual needs and aspirations, and provide the framework for individual growth. Realisation of individual growth motivates the employee to improve her efforts for the overall objective of the company. The HR, beyond recognizing the needs, must appreciate the efforts put in by the individuals and the team through monetary and non-monetary benefits. Recognition and benefits leads to the enhancement of the individual efforts, thereby ensuring better quality to the product and services provided by the company. Improved quality and increased productivity backed by employee satisfaction increases the brand image of the company.

Human interaction has become more complex as internet has broken down the geographical barriers. The workforce must be aware of how to deal with the people by giving due respect to their personal and work culture. Human resource department is to provide the employees cross culture training to improve their inter-personal skills. Customer satisfaction on individual and team effort indirectly motivates the workforce leading to individual contentment.

The human resource department is to lay the groundwork for the organisational policies which pave the way for organisational as well as individual goals. Human stress is of grave concern to the management. The long hours put in for the completion of the work and the lesser hours spent on personal needs are the major cause of individual stress. As stress has a negative impact on the physical and emotional health of the individual, it is the task of the human resource department to provide facilities and working conditions that can reduce the stress of the individuals like opening gymnasium and other sport facilities, provide transportation facilities to fight traffic congestion, provide flexible working conditions like working from home facilities, starting crèches, canteens and other facilities for relaxation.

It is the human resource department that does the groundwork in the form of policies and rules for better human relations. The recognition of the need for satisfying the human needs for increasing the company’s chance for survival through increased and better productivity led to human relation management. Thus the coexistence of human resources and human relations is vital for the sustenance and growth of any enterprise.

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