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Take Responsibility of Your Work

“The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that’s the day you start to the top”. (O.J.Simpson). This quotation clearly defines the role played by responsibility in one’s success. People generally have the tendency to transfer the blame to others when things go wrong. This is not a sign of courage, but is the signal of failure. An individual who continues shirking responsibility will be a loser in her professional and personal life.

Every individual proceeds forward with a goal in mind. To reach the goal, one has to overcome the obstacles and leap forward exploiting all the challenges and opportunities open before her. To progress in career we have to face a number of risks. Risks call for the acceptance of responsibility for the actions. To maintain a work-life balance, we should have a well drafted plan on the actions to be performed each day. Planning, prioritizing and performing duties require the support of team members and other people in the organization. An individual who is responsible for her actions, earn the respect and her voice carries greater authority in getting people perform the task allotted to them. A manager who takes up the responsibility for the personal development of her team members can draw innovative ideas and suggestions which will result in self development. A well thought action plan, backed by supportive team members can minimize the physical and mental stress. A good work-life balance aids in maintaining a cheerful outlook towards life. Excellent performance of duties draws customer attention to the person as an individual and as a manager. Customer satisfaction provides a better platform for career growth with the company identifying the individual as a key player in maximizing its profitability. Motivating the employee to continue her service in the enterprise through better monetary and non-monetary incentives becomes the need of the company. Responsibility to one’s deeds encourages the team members to pinpoint our strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, self assessment aids in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. An individual who feels responsible for her actions, undergo training programs to further enhance her individual strengths and eliminate her weaknesses. Thus the acceptance of responsibility pushes one up the career ladder.

An individual who is responsible to her work earns the recognition and appreciation of the company, rest of the workforce and customers. Asserting one’s ideas and gaining its acceptance becomes easy. She is capable of coping with the obstacles and pressures in her work with the backing and the support of the people she works with. An individual who shirks off responsibilities and rest the blame on the rest cannot survive without the aid of rest of her team members in the long run. Her personal and professional life will end up in chaos.

Acceptance of responsibilities in personal as well as professional life aids in self development by overcoming the weaknesses and taking advantage of the strengths with the support, aid and encouragement of all we deal with. Such an individual will never have to look back in life.

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