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Tuesday - 14 Jul 2020 on LinkedIn
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Let's Look Back At Some Things That Steal Your Piece of Mind

Everyone is craving to feel calm, balanced and positive no matter what is going on in their life. The mind is split into several pieces - home, office, club, gym, pub, health, mobile, car, computers, chats, mails, ipod's, worldspace radio, children, Taxes - Income and Services, Insurance, Banking, safety from terrorists, extorters, weather, rain, water, jobs, promotions, competition, and above all this reservations etc., Wow how many pieces can the mind be split into. In fact, this is just a broad sample, if you dissect that even further you can see the complexity you can get into When you try to manage all this you can naturally get stressed. Stress can lead you to many other problems in health - heart, back, diabetes, B.P. etc But you've probably tried so many books, treatments, programs, etc., you don't know who or what to believe anymore. You want to stop feeling stressed and uncertain more than anything else, and you should.

Not too very long ago I was watching a small video clip of a certain Swamiji (whose name I do not remember) who was giving a discourse and he started of by saying, "We can understand people trying to manage their jobs, their home's, their finance etc., but this thing called managing stress, is absurd.

What is there to manage?
Rubber bands are stretched and they return back to their normal. It is possible that it might snap if stretched too much, but it is made to be flexible. God has created us too much like the rubber band, but we make too much of it. When it rains we complain it is raining so much that you aren't able to do anything. When there is sunshine in summer, you complain that it is too hot to go outside to do anything. Children are at home during summer holidays you complain that they are tearing the house apart. When they go back to school you begin to say their studies and their homework etc., is so back breaking that the kids hardly can get a beak away from the routine. You get to the road the traffic begins to get on you... all these increase your anxiety levels and you start feeling tired, weak, and then your B.P. rises, you go to a doctor, and he pronounces, you are too stressed, take care else you will land your self in a cardiac problem. Listening to what the doctors says you begin to feel that you are a potential victim and are prone to a heart attack. Most often what you think happens, and so little little things lead you to become vulnerable and then you succumb to all unwanted health problems. Is this all needed."

He continues and say categorically, "No, all of it is unwanted. Of course you want to feel calm, balanced and positive no matter what is going on in your life. But you've probably tried so many books, treatments, programs, etc., you don't know who or what to believe anymore. You want to stop feeling stressed and uncertain more than anything else, and you should. If you give me 5 minutes and set everything else aside, I promise that a wonderful discovery awaits you today.

See if this sounds familiar?
Leila had difficulties with her significant other and also with important people at work. Rather than be able to handle the situations easily and then go forward, she remained pre-occupied and upset all day long. Finally, blaming others for her difficulty, she left her job and relationship and started looking for new ones. Even though she eventually found them, to her despair, Leila discovered the same situations repeating again and again.

How many Leila's do we not meet everyday?.

I subscribe to every word that I heard, and it was one of the most emphatic truths I ever heard. Perhaps it gelled with me because I do not let anything get on to me. The big problem is that people who suffer from stress and anxiety have been fed 4 big myths by everyone from doctors, to authorities, to media.

Myth # 1 - It takes a long time to get over anxiety. You need years of therapy, medication, etc.

Myth #2 - How you feel depends on what's going on around you. If you change your life situation, where you live, or relationship you'll feel better.

Myth #3 - If you've been a victim of abuse or trauma, you will have to carry the wounds around, perhaps your whole life long.

Myth #4 - The fourth is that someone else will be able to give you the strength and comfort you desire. Someone else has your answers.

The first thing you need to understand is why the ways in which you've tackled these issues hasn't brought you true peace of mind. Dispense it off as normal.

That's why you need to try something different . . .

Here Are Just A Few Of The Unique Ideas Inside Living By Zen:
• learn the wisdom of not knowing anything and find your true answers
• take charge of your focus and stop expecting disaster
• understand healing within and how to do it
• stop falling in love with your fantasies and find the real thing
• discover the best medicine there is - and take it
• take your full time to drink your cup of tea
• hear what life is really saying to you - and how to answer
• discover the basic wisdom of love and relationships
• become secure in an insecure world
• stop making a problem of life and start enjoying it now
• clean your house thoroughly - no trace left behind
• nourish yourself and others and become completely full
• develop open hands and use them lovingly
• become young again, and fall in love with all of life

Punch Line : I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle, victorious. - Vince Lombardi

Author : R Bharadwaj

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