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HR Challenges in IT Industry

The sudden spurt in the IT industry was unforeseen and unexpected. Opening up of the economy and the accelerated growth of the knowledge industry, brought with it many obstacles and challenges before the enterprise. Human resource department which was previously in charge of normal functions like recruitment was handed over the task of finding solutions to these challenges.

The first challenge placed before them is recruitment. The rise of dotcoms drew many people to the field of information technology. Identifying the right candidate suitable to the job in hand has become a challenge to the HR staff. Severe competition demands ensuring continuous flow of quality goods and services for customer satisfaction. This calls for the recruitment of the right person to the right job. Companies now identify many innovative ways of recruitment for recognizing the right people. Many stages of tests, interviews and group discussions assist in appointing the ideal candidates. Another addition to their role is providing the right training to the interviewers to ensure that they draw the right answers from the candidate.

Forecasting is the biggest challenge faced by the HR. The HR is to anticipate the number of employees and their specific skill requirements even before the actual situation arises. There are many instances where the companies have lost business due to the inefficiency of the HR in supplying the required quantity of people with the required skills at the required time. A loss of business has a direct impact on the profitability of the business.

IT industry is one of the highly paid business areas. The benefits offered by the competition are one of the major causes for the high rates of attrition. To forestall the movement of the employees to another organization, the HR has to come up with new benefits which coax the employees to remain within the organization producing excellent performance.

Money is not the single factor that attracts an employee. With customers spread world wide, interaction with different nations increased the yearning for better working culture by mixing the best of the two worlds. What constitutes a good working environment differs amongst the people. People spend a major part of a day in offices. So the HR is continuously on the look out for better ways for creating a pleasurable environment to work with. Aiding in the maintenance of a balance in the personal life and work life of its employees is of a major worry to the HR. A dissatisfied workforce is a major threat to the very existence of an organization.

Employees expect the company to give excellent opportunities for their personal growth through job rotation and promotions. A good appraisal system provides the backbone for ensuring career growth to the employees. This should however be backed by an excellent training system to meet the immediate requirements and futuristic needs on the basis of a good forecast of the key skills needed for meeting the future.

The movement of work to the low cost countries like China has imposed a great threat to the Indian companies. To survive and grow, the companies have to ensure excellent results at competitive prices. Maintenance of quality, reduced cost of production, and timely delivery of the service and goods for ensuring customer satisfaction and a better customer relationship needs the support of the intelligent, innovative, driving energy of the employees. Providing the urge to the employees to induce them for better performance by providing a good working environment backed by opportunities for personal and professional growth is the task of the HR. The company expects the HR to forecast its personnel requirement well in advance to assure a smooth flow of work without interruptions. Thus the challenge faced by the HR is wide and varied.

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Posted: 17/10/2011 06:06:10

M new joinee in IT Industry as HR. Please suggest somethiong new ideas to prove myself in the company.

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