Covering Letter or Resume: Which is More Important ?
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With the booming economy and the ever increasing job market, the search for better careers among skilled workers is always on. However, prize jobs still have many aspirants applying for the job. Thus, to draw attention to self, one has to create an attractive resume. Too many applications and the limited time before the prospective employer require the applicant to prepare a catchy covering letter noting in brief his strengths and accomplishments. The covering letter and the resume are sent with the objective of being called for an interview.

The importance of the covering letter rose with the economy opening up to the world as a result of globalisation. The business being done on a large scale, to enjoy the competitive advantage, the company has to attract the expert talents to the organisation. Recruiting the right candidate suited for the job within the limited time span is by no means an easy task. Covering letters come to the rescue of the management by describing the ‘candidate’ in brief. This led to the popularity of the covering letter.

The prospective employer sees the covering letter as a glimpse to one’s personality. In many instances the people seek the assistance of the experts in drafting the resume. The covering letter is generally not given much importance. The words you use, the way you draft it, gives an insight of the personality of the individual along with his correspondence skills. Correspondence plays a key role in the communication system of the present business. The letter drafted should be courteous, and well worded. The covering letter is seen as a way of entering into the inner self of the individual.

The covering letter can be compared to a sales pitch for oneself . Its function is to provide a crisp introduction for the resume. Typically a covering letter should lead the reader to open the resume of the candidate. Your interest in the prospective company, the inherent skills and experience gained that can aid in the performance of the duties required by the job in hand is to be mirrored in the covering letter.

The resume is a continuation of the covering letter. It describes in detail the accomplishments made so far, education, professional skills and personal skills gained that can make contributions to the work. To draw attention of the prospective employer, the candidates have to take efforts to make the resume attractive.

The covering letter and the resume are prepared to draw the attention of the employer to the application sent by the prospective employee. Both play an equal role in ensuring a chance for being called for the interview. They should radiate a positive and confident picture of the candidate. However, with the time being a major decisive factor, the covering letter is the first step in catching the attention. Thus it is very important that the covering letter is well worded and that it draws the reader. Without a covering letter, the resume might very likely end up remaining in the heap. Often, first impressions hold for long, hence a good covering letter is clearly a winner.

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