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Work Life Harmony or Work Life Balance

Globalisation brought with it many changes in the working culture of people. The companies started catering to the needs of its customers with a 24x7 availability offering. The sudden development that spurted with the change in the business operations brought many hardships in the professional and personal lives of the people. Bringing about a rapport between the professional and personal life became the need of the hour for the employee, the management and its customers.

Work life harmony aims at bringing a compatible relationship between the professional and personal life through the personal effort. Work life balance is more of bringing about a fifty-fifty balance in the relationship which may not be practical in many cases. Events that influence the environment are beyond the control of the individuals. So instead of bringing about a balance in the work-life relationship, the effort should be concentrated to bring an amicable relationship between the two to guarantee happiness.

Work life harmony is to a great extent dependent on the professional and personal objectives of an individual. It varies from individual to individual. The needs of two people and the needs of an individual with the passage of time vary. The individual should rank his priorities and act accordingly for his happiness. For example, the needs of a bachelor and a fresher in an organisation vary with additions to his personal and work responsibilities. The management should assess the needs of the employees at regular intervals and bring about the changes in the organisation culture to quench the needs to an extent. Companies can aid in bringing harmony by providing career growth opportunities backed by a well drafted training and development programs. The usage of software that can minimise the work load of the people like proper standardised documentation system etc can go a long way in reducing the work load of the people. Similarly, knowledge industry can reduce the stress on commuting by providing the opportunity to work from home. The performance of the workforce must be monitored using an effective system based on their actual contribution to the organisation. A well organised system by providing contentment can improve the efficiency and productivity of the employee, thereby increasing his personal satisfaction.

Individual goals have a great role in determining the work life harmony. The goals must be reasonable and attainable. He is to recognise the fact that the movements in the economy are beyond his reach. So long hours, work stress, etc can be reduced only to a minimal extent. The objectives that are to be attained must be well within his reach taking into account the situational limitations. An unreasonable goal can only add stress to one’s life. Excessive stress can adversely affect the physical and mental well being of an individual. He should, therefore, analyse his goals with the changes and move with the tide.

The management must realise the needs and aspirations of the human capital that are the key elements in the success of the organisation. It must bring about the changes to the organisation culture and its policies incorporating the needs of the people and the business. The individuals, on the other hand, must realise the role played them in bringing a harmonious life. It is not the organisation alone that is left with the responsibility of individual happiness. Both the management and its employees must move together to guarantee harmony trying to bring a balance between working life and personal life.

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Posted: 01/08/2011 06:40:03

I am researching on how business process management activities can help employees of organisations achieve a work life harmony. Your comments are awaited.

I am an acdemician working in Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi.

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