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Are You Response-Able ?

Response-able is a state of mind where you are in absolute control of your mental possessions and is capable of using them whenever the situation calls for it. By being response-able, it means you are able to respond quickly to a situation.

First step towards an increased level of response-ability is to have absolute control over one’s mind. For this, an individual should have set goals that he wishes to achieve in the long run. Both personal and professional goals are the driving force that pushes him forward in the later part of his life. All his actions are focused for the attainment of the objectives. Like a business entity, he then formulates short term plans that are directed to the long term objective. The short term plans help in identifying his strengths and weaknesses. On the identification of the personal and professional strengths, he can toughen himself by augmenting his effectiveness for more productive channels. Similarly, a response-able person eliminates his weakness and seeks the help of experts for conditioning his skills.

He recognises the role played by the third parties in his life and refuses them to dominate his priorities. He is confident about his capabilities and utilise them for creating a positive attitude towards life. A positive attitude can direct his movements towards success. The response-ability makes him more confident and he is aware of the fact that many external factors influencing his goals lies beyond his ability to control. His positive attitude, his knowledge and skills come to his rescue by making him adept himself to face the challenges put before him. The positive attitude and the ability to adept to the turbulences make him investigate new opportunities open before him for his well being.

The positive attitude and his willingness to explore new possibilities make it easier for him to accept to the changes in the organisation. An open mind gains him an easy entry into the technological changes by being a willing pupil to the training and development programs. His knowledge and the positive air have the power to magnetise the team members into this magnetic field. Thus a single response-able individual can make an excellent leader capable of directing his team members to their personal and organisational goals. His positive attitude results in improved productivity of his team leading to customer satisfaction and increased business for the company he works for. A highly satisfied employer increases the remuneration, leading to increased satisfaction, thereby an increase in efficiency. The response-able manager view things in every perspective and his attitude being an eye-opener can bring about innovative ideas to the organisation as he evaluates all the options open before him and makes a rational choice. The more challenging the situation, the more astute he becomes. Thus the response-able manager has the power to contribute significantly to an organisation.

A response-able person responds to the needs of the situation by a rational evaluation of the factors influencing it that can make the attainment of the objectives easier and more challenging.

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