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Gifting your Boss or a Co-Worker

Corporate gifts have gained popularity over the years. People generally consider gifts as a token of love, appreciation or gratitude. Gifts may be presented on a personal occasion or as a means of applauding one’s performance. The selection of the gift is dependent on the occasion and the individual involved.

Companies generally follow a gift policy, be it to the customer, boss or a co-worker. A blueprint regarding the type of gift that can be presented, its value, etc are clearly drafted in the company gift policy. The gifts to people in certain levels of management might require the approval of the manager. Proper attention must be given while selecting the gifts. If the gift is handed out by the team, the type of gift can be decided on the basis of the opinion of the team. Not everyone will be aware of the personal likes and dislikes of the recipient. A group decision provides better opportunity to identify one’s preference over the gifts, thereby resulting in a well appreciated gift. If the recipient is a co-worker or an immediate boss, the personal relationship can be an added advantage in the selection of the gift. The family members or the mutual friends can also aid in the selection process.

The type of gift varies with the relationship and the position held by the recipient. For example, gifts of personal nature are generally presented in case of an immediate boss or a co-worker. But if the recipient holds a high position in a management, generic items are gifted to reduce the chances for disapproval. The corporate culture residing within the organisation is another deciding factor. The presence of an informal culture calls for personal gifts between the employees. Great care should be taken to avoid a gift that is too personal like perfumes, clothing, etc unless the kind of relationship that exists is of a friendly one. Sexual, religious items should be avoided to reduce tensions within the organisation. Seeking the opinion of the team is the best way of deciding the gift. However never impose one’s likes and dislikes on the selection of gifts on the recipient. It is the likes of the receiver that should be given priority.

Gift is a great way of expressing one’s appreciation. Many companies hand over a scrap book defining the experiences with the acceptor especially on the occasion of the termination of service. This has a long lasting effect on the minds of the recipient. Books, dresses, perfumes, etc are to be gifted only on the existence of a personal and friendly relationship. Too personal a gift is generally given with the option of exchanging the same in case of discrepancies. For example, dresses may have to be returned if they do not fit the individual. Formal relationship calls for gifts like pictures, stationery, gift baskets, gift coupons etc.

Gifts provided by a team leave no room for tensions between the relationships of the team members. For example, a gift given by or to a boss by an individual can cause unnecessary strain in the relationship amongst the team members. Adherence to the company policy is one best of controlling the strain in relationships. So a good gift policy is inevitable in large organisations.

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