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Psychometrics : Making the Most of it

With the competition amongst the companies growing intense, the companies are forced to come up with newer innovative ways of recruiting the people. Recruiting the right person with the right skills to the right task is necessary for the company and the individual for their success. Psychometrics is a psychological tool that gives an insight into one’s character and skills which helps in appointing the person with the right mix of abilities to a task.

“Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of educational and psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits” (Wikipedia). It uses psychology and statistical tools for the analysis of an individual. Tools like John Holland’s Career Preference Test and Myer-Briggs Type Indicator helps to understand one’s skills and inner personality. Psychometric tools are sought by business entities and individuals for the attainment of their goals.

For an individual, a psychometric tool helps to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his character. For a student, it is useful as an understanding of one’s skills,  talents and helps him to choose the right course for further studies. It also gives an inkling of the kind of work and the place of work that suits him. Some might have a growth in the setting up of own companies, while others can be sure of their success while working for another. It is a useful tool for a fresher and an experienced work hand to reroute the path to success. One can continue in the same line of business or shift to another depending on his skills. It tells him the kind of training he has to undergo to negate the handicaps and to tone up his strengths. Knowledge of who you are and where you stand can boost the self confidence. The selection of a career on the basis of his skills helps him to savour job satisfaction through out his career. With every action directed with an objective in mind, capturing one’s goals becomes a reality.

A business entity takes advantage of the psychometric tools in recruitment. With competition becoming severe, the companies cannot afford to lose time in the recruitment of wrong candidates. There are different types of psychometric tools available. The ability tests aid the selectors in having a peep into the present and potential skills of the candidate. Aptitudes tests reveal how he will fair in actual work. Personality questionnaires are used to recognise the inner personality of the candidate, to recognise how he will behave in the working environment of the company, his behaviour to other team members, etc. Competency based interviews are at times held by the company which includes real life simulations to identify an individual’s behaviour in an actual line of work.

These tests are free from bias and gives equal opportunity for every candidate to succeed in his test. The psychometric tools are helpful in quick recruitment of a huge number of candidates at a single point of time. The human resource managers can utilise the results of these tests to recruit the candidates in a job that suits their profile. The right selection helps in time saving of the tasks with the employees introducing new techniques to the task in hand. The success of the right recruitment is thereby reflected in the profitability of the concern and the presence of a satisfied work force.

Conducting a self analysis through the psychometric tests thereby drives an individual to the goal of his life.

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