Selecting a Training Consultant
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Employee competency is a major contributor to an organisation’s success. Acquiring skills and knowledge with the changes in the business environment is by no means an easy task. To make the employees adept to face the challenges imposed by the environment the organisation provides training facilities based on its immediate and future needs. Training is provided by the internal and external experts depending on the needs of the company.

Aligning the organisation to the changes is inevitable for its success. To augment the skills and expertise of the employees, the company has to seek the help of experts. The technical and business world is growing so rapidly that the company becomes incapable of supplying the required skills to the workforce from within the organisation. That is when they seek the advice of the external training consultants.

Before approaching the training consultants the company need to identify the general areas where the company lacks the skills and the skills it lacks. On identification, the training department is to short list the training consultants on the basis of its own previous experience, or the general goodwill enjoyed by the firm. The company can also seek the help of those in the similar line of business to recognise the training consultants whose training has the record of being effective. The effectiveness depends on how the training adds to the overall performance of the employees and thereby to the profitability of the concern. The companies make a huge investment to provide training to the employees in the current business scenario. The returns of the investment made on training must be analysed on the basis of its impact on the participants’ performance and company profitability.

The training consultant is also determined by the kind of training required. Trainings are imparted to develop or enhance the general skills or specific skills. For example, the newly recruited employees are provided general training to make them recognise the way the company functions. There are also specific trainings that are given to augment those skills to make the employees capable of performing the job in an outstanding manner. The general training packages are readily available in the market and are tailored to suit the kind of business involved.

The number of participants and the kind of participants to whom the training is imparted are important factors that determine the selection of the training consultant. The trainer must be capable of speaking in a language understood by the participants. Usage of the technical terms might fail to give out the expected results from the new recruits. However higher the hierarchy, the more experienced the people become. The training provided to them is generally based on the case studies provided by experienced trainers who have immense practical experience in the respective fields. The background of such trainers must be scrutinised to check on the skills of these trainers to ensure their mastery over the topic in hand. The training consultant must also have the facilities to convey the message to a large group of people.

Cost incurred on training like the trainers fee, travelling and other overheads, training facilities, etc also add up to the selection criteria. The training must be cost effective if it is to add to the profitability of the concern.

A highly trained workforce is capable of building a highly effective and motivated workforce who adds significantly to the overall performance of the concern. The selection of an expert trainer is, therefore a crucial task if it is to be successful.


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