Assessment Tools for Better Hiring
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Employees are the form of backbone for a company; this maxim becomes more profound especially when it is a knowledge industry. With such power vested in them, it is imperative that the company ensure that it recruits the right person for the right job. Wrong recruitments can lead to the loss of valuable time and effort of the organization. Thus, the employers need to come up with innovative techniques to help in judging the prospective employees. Several assessment tools have been developed with the aim of ensuring that the right person gets recruited to the job.

With the interviewers disposed with little time to appraise the right candidate from the huge number of candidates, the assessment tools come to the rescue of the interviewer helping him in limiting the number of prospective employees to the minimum. There are many business entities that provide the assessment tools for hiring making custom made changes in accordance to the type and needs of the concern.

Assessment tools reflect the strengths and weakness of the candidates; their way of thinking, numerical and reasoning ability, etc. Tools such as Meyers-Briggs tests are used to judge the personal traits of the individual such as his behavioural pattern. Using such tools the individual traits and his behaviour in team work can be analysed comprehensively within a short time. His general attitude, wants and needs, etc gives an insight to the inner characteristics of the candidate. Some assessment tools include simulation of the actual situation to analyse how the individual responds to a crisis in an actual scenario. Simulation exercises are effective in judging one’s inclusion of the team to the efforts and the relationship with the team during the times of urgency. The assessment tools are also capable of analysing the thinking power and the learning skills of the candidate. They provide an insight on the goals of the individuals, helping the company wherever possible to recruit the individual to the job as per his interests on the basis of his skills.

Assessment tools used in hiring are a cost effective and time saving tool. Identification of the key skills aids in the appointment of the candidate to the job that matches his skills. This results in productive labour that boosts the profitability of the concern. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses helps the training department in the planning of the training programs that enhances the existing skills and nullifies the weaknesses. Work satisfaction adds to the morale of the employee, motivating him to perform better. The highly productive and motivated team reduces the chances for attrition, thus adding to the profitability of the concern. The recruitment to the job matching his interests induces him to come up with innovative ideas that assist the company in better performance. Customer satisfaction is high when the employees add value to the product delivered.

The assessment tools cannot be solely relied for the selection process. The assessment tools used in the hiring helps in the formation of an initial judgement of the candidate. Where the number of candidates applying for the job is huge, these tools help in the removal of unwanted candidates whose profile does not match with the requirements. It also adds to huge time saving of the interviewer which can be in the meantime allotted to other productive channels. The judgement and experience of the interviewer backed by the assessment tools increases the probability of better hiring.

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