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Career Intelligence

Technology advancement changes the way businesses operate, choosing the right career is by no means an easy task. An accountant who a decade or two ago might have been well qualified for job had he not had any computer knowledge, not so any longer. Going further, the possible openings for a creative artist was limited a couple of decades ago, not so any longer. New vistas available for employment open up with technology advance, thus it calls for the prospective candidate to make well thought moves for his career. A wrong career move can lead to individual frustration at one’s inability to perform well. Career intelligence firms have come up with the aim of assisting the people to select a career based on the personal interests and in helping them to make the changes with the changes in the business operations.

Career planning is very similar to strategic planning; a planning that has to be started before taking up formal professional education. The students are to identify their personal traits, skills and talents before making the move for higher education. Psychometric tools like Meyer-Briggs tool helps to have an insight about the individual strengths and weaknesses, personal and professional skills, etc. “Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of educational and psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits” - Wikipedia. It helps to recognise his behaviour within a group. After pursuing the education on the basis of the skills, the next step is getting into the right organisation.

The individuals can make use of the information on the type of organisation culture existing within a company from magazines, internet, professional organisations and personal network. On getting recruited, the task that lay before the individual becomes more complicated. The sudden spurt in the way of conducting business bring with it many new job opportunities leaving many outdated. The individual has to be constantly on the alert of the changes that are occurring around him and participate in the training and developmental programs to make him always marketable. Reading, personal and professional network, internet, and other sources of knowledge must be exploited to update and improve one’s skills and knowledge.

Gone are the days where the individuals remain in one job for long. Switching of jobs within the same entity or between different concerns add on to the experience of the individual. Selection of the right job and the right institution is crucial for personal and professional development. There are career guidance cells which provide career coaching that helps them to switch the jobs that will be in demand and is suited to their interests, professional and personal.

A carefully analyzed and fitment in a job provides immense personal and professional satisfaction to the employee inducing him to make positive contributions to the work involved. Companies enjoy the advantage of greater commitment from employees who contribute significantly to the profitability of the concern. Maintaining excellence in the quality leads to customer satisfaction, which has an impact on the goodwill of the company.

In short self awareness and a good sense of direction makes one make an intelligent move in their career.

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