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Hiring for Attitude, Training for Skill

With customers becoming more educated and more demanding, hiring the employees with the right attitude has become necessary. Unlike the skills which can be enhanced through better training, attitude cannot be improved through training. Attitude of the person includes his general mind-set, perspective and philosophy towards life, etc. Hiring without giving due importance to the attitude of the candidate can harm the company as it will result in a poor working environment and substandard quality in the products and services rendered leading to the loss of business.

The first step involved in recruitment includes a detailed job analysis including the identification of the technical skills and the personal qualities that one requires to perform the task-in-hand. Identification of the temperament that a probable employee will require determines the type of questions that one need to ask during the screening process. Tests like MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator), if used properly, help to have an insight into the active and dormant traits in an individual. Similarly, behavioural interviews which help to evaluate how an individual will perform on the basis of past experiences could help in recognising the behavioural pattern of the candidate. The attitude that was displayed during the times of crisis, in working with the team, etc can be investigated through the behavioural interview. Similarly, one’s personal goals and the possible way of attaining them help in providing a picture of the basic attitude of the candidate.

Once recruited, the individuals are put through probation to keep a close watch over their movements during their first few months in the organisation. The initial test period is crucial as it reflects the personal temperament and the way he deals with the team members and the customers, his perception towards changes happening around him and feedback provided, etc. A highly receptive mind would be willing to accept and move with the challenges in the industry. It is generally said that it is the technology that change at a faster pace and the success of its adoption lay in the individual perception to the changes. The need for personal growth and the desire to learn aid in easy adjustment to the developments happening around him.

Southwest Airlines was famous for using this concept in their recruitment process throughout the entity. It was consistently recognised by the Fortune magazine as one of the most admired companies in the world. Though this is a time consuming and complicated recruitment procedure, an optimistic outlook to the environment makes an entity a well appreciated one in the eyes of the people who are in actual contact with it. Preparation for the behavioural interviews, psychological and simulation tests requires a huge investment in time and energy. A close observation is necessary during probation to identify individual perception towards feedback and his willingness to change in accordance with it.

Attitude plays a major role in the personal and professional success. It is the individual temperament that decides our vision, the need for attaining them, our relationship with the team and the customer, utilisation of the resources for self development, etc. In short, hiring for attitude and training for skill must be the new watch word for any successful entity.

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Posted: 31/08/2016 05:57:44

Excellent Material. Job interviews are not conducted accordingly. Mastermind oversee the attitude criteria in this process.Problem are faced by departmental heads.HR must determine the attitude of candidates towards tasks, peers,time,safety,and personal development.

Posted: 11/06/2014 03:29:55

I completely agree with the points mention. but Job interviews are now mostly about the core competencies, marks score in academics. Which is completely alright to curtail the applicant numbers. But when it comes to hiring the right candidate we may miss the best talent with the right kind of attitude.I think in these days if we are not paying importance to the behavioural part, it may become a set back in the long run.

Posted: 15/07/2011 15:24:47

Cheers pal. I do appreciate the wrnitig.

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