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Are you changing a Job ? Be prepared to explain why..

Higher rates of attrition are a major cause of worry to the companies. Job hopping amongst the employees requires the company to fill in the vacuum created with new recruits who may be new to the business. Identifying them, getting them trained and functional, makes it a time consuming and expensive process. With the entry of multi- national companies into the industrial scenario bringing with them intense competition, retaining and fulfilling customer demands makes retention of the employees even more important. The concept of exit interview was developed to identify and evaluate the reasons for leaving the job.

There could be many reasons for changing the job. Employee’s lack of interest in the job could be one of the reasons that make him move to another job. The job which was significant might have failed to retain the interest on account of changes in the technology making it obsolete. Boredom is another cause for seeking a different job. Boredom, which could be as the result of the monotonous nature of the job, affects the productivity level of the employee adversely. It is always in the best interest of the employee as well as the employer that the individual quits on having lost the interest to work. The HR department has to analyse the causes for the employee’s reduced interest and take rectification measures to make the job appealing, if possible.

Monetary and non-monetary benefits could be the other cause for changing the job. The entry of the multi national companies into the Indian markets has been a major cause for attrition. The monetary and other benefits that are offered by the MNCs make them more attractive, leading to the loss of employees in the Indian companies.

High level of stress is quite common amongst the workforce of the service industry. The increased hours put in by them have been a cause for physical and mental stress. This induces the employees to hop from one job to other seeking better conditions. Stress related diseases are high in the BPO sector where the employees are forced to work during odd hours, thereby affecting their health.

The working culture and the general environment are the other causes for job hopping. Nepotism, dissatisfaction in the appraisal system and promotion policies makes the environment unhealthy. This is one of the major causes for the loss of the key employees in any company. The employees expect the company to provide the platform for their career growth and development. If they find the organisation unchallenging and lesser options open for self development, those who are ambitious will leave the organisation at the earliest available opportunity.

Location is also responsible for forcing the employees to quit the jobs. The long hours spent on commuting and personal commitments makes those companies within the immediate vicinity more attractive.

Dataquest survey reveals the top ten reasons that makes the people move to another job.

Recognition of the causes that are responsible for forcing the employees to change the job is important as it helps the human resource department to analyse the causes and take the corrective measures to improve employee retention.

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