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How to be a Good Boss ?

Team functions like machinery, the smoother its operations, the better the outcome. It is said that the employees join the organisation and leave their bosses. Promotion does not mean that one is a good boss. To be a good boss, one has to be a leader and a coach who has the charisma to draw the team through the right channel to the attainment of the individual and organisational objectives.

A good boss needs to have the courage, the right attitude, patience, and optimism to move his team forward. He must be aware of the strength of his team in achieving the goals. To actualise the targets, delegation is inevitable. Delegation is possible if the boss has trust in the work that can be accomplished by his subordinates. The subordinates must be provided with clear-cut plan of action which defines the task expected from an employee and the plan of action must be well communicated, if it is to be attained. The interference from the boss on the work performed by the subordinates must be kept at the minimal level. Though the team expects him to keep an eye over the actions so as to provide them with the corrective measures wherever necessary, giving a free hand is important to encourage the employees to perform better. A good boss must recognise the fact that the modus operandi varies with the people. It is the final outcome that the boss should keep a vigil on. Giving freedom to make decisions boosts the confidence of the subordinates making them more adept to face the challenges in the changing world.

The tasks must be allotted on the basis of the skills of the employees. Identifying the skill requires the boss to understand the proficiency, command and expertise of the employee to work. Being a part of the team is therefore necessary for the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the subordinates. Team building programs are initiated by the companies to bring about rapport between the team members and their superiors. Though cost cutting measures have reduced the number of such activities many leaders continue with the task of taking their team for team building activities for a better understanding of each other. Informal team lunches are another way of creating an informal and better relationship with the team. The informal gatherings have the ability to understand the employees better, their aspirations and goals, their strengths and weaknesses, motivating factors, etc. A good boss makes use of this knowledge to correct and develop the key skills of his team members.

The team always require the support of the superior for their growth and development. Applauding new initiatives, innovations, creativity and good performances can help the employees in taking up challenges positively. Any good performance must be acclaimed in public. But care should be taken to criticise the employee for his bad performance in private. Whenever a meeting is held, the manager should be willing to listen to what the other party has to say. Frequent interruptions will fail to create the desired outcome.

A positive approach and a supportive attitude are inevitable to be a good boss.

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