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Business Coaching

Excellence in performance is a prerequisite for the survival and success of an organisation. To attain excellence, the work force of the company must be properly coached to guide them towards the achievement of the company goals along with the attainment of their personal aspirations. The role played by business coaching has gone up in the recent years.

A coach provides the encouragement and guidance to the individual as well as a group. The aim of the business coach is to guide the individual and team activities through the proper channels for augmenting the wealth of the company. He identifies the strengths and weaknesses in an individual as well as the group and suggests ways for improving or overcoming them in the best interest of the firm. The identification of the strengths and weaknesses and the possible ways of improving or minimising them assists the employees in rewriting their goals on the basis of one’s potency. The identification of the goals in relation to one’s capabilities makes an individual more confident. Inspiration is the driving force that guides the actions to perfection. Increased employee satisfaction gained through a better understanding of oneself leads to quality outcome resulting in customer satisfaction.

Business coaching might administered through one-on-one meetings or through a group meet. The coach uses his expertise to help the employees to use their abilities to enquire and analyse the situations, thereby adding to the creativity of the workforce. Application of the inventiveness generates new business ideas leading to better products and services. The knowledge can also be applied to reduce the time taken and the cost involved in getting the work done. A highly satisfied management results in a happy workforce who continues to thrive better.

Coaching and mentoring are two words that are used interchangeably. A coach acts as a mentor in certain circumstances. As a mentor the coach gives personal attention to the needs of the protégée on a long term basis and directs him to success. The coach moves ahead with the objective in mind. He drives the protégée to the goal providing necessary guidance whenever required. He applauds the protégée for the initiative and success attained by him and respects his opinions. Enquiring the protégées suggestions and respecting them adds to the confidence of the individual. The rectification measures are suggested to the employee to overcome his weaknesses. Performance appraisal system is a medium through which the protégée identifies himself with the help and support of his coach.

Business coaching helps the new recruits to move in sync with the team. The coach through proper guidance assists the protégée in identifying himself. Learning under an experienced coach helps in overcoming the naïveté and teaches the protégée to be more independent, thereby making him a valuable asset to the company. Business coaches help the company to manage the human asset who gets committed to vision of the company and adopts the changes with open minds to create a better company.

With people being a crucial asset to any company, business coaching does perform a commendable job in shaping them towards the company’s vision through personal accomplishments.

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