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Thursday - 2 Apr 2020 on LinkedIn
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Do HR Certifications guarantee Performance Competency at Workplace ?

The popularity of the certification courses have been on the rise during the recent years. Both the employer as well as the outside agencies provides certification courses with the intention of upgrading the employee knowledge. The success of the course lies in its ability to enhance performance. This article analyses the impact of HR certifications on the performance competency at the work place.

The certification programs are taken by the employees as it will assist in enhancing knowledge without resigning from the job. In India, premier educational institutions like XLRI, Jamshedpur with a tie up with Hughes provide a medium to gain a degree on human resource management through what is called as DirecWay where the satellite-broadband platform is utilised for imparting education. Proper classroom like atmosphere is being created at its centres wherein the classes are taken by eminent scholars in the respective fields from various places by satellite communication through lectures, theme presentations and case studies. The certification gained through such premier institutes helps the employee in climbing the career ladder more easily and guarantees competency at the work place.

The courses taken by the employee will help him to keep track of the updates in the market and analyse its impact on the human resources using latest tools. Progress can be attained in various human resource related functions like staffing, strategy planning, finance and accounting, compensation, training and development, safety, etc. Moving with the tide decided by the market movement is inevitable for drafting effective policies. A company which is stagnant in its outlook will have to face the trouble of high attrition rates.

Before opting for a curriculum the employee must be aware of the skills that he wishes to attain through it. Proper planning alone can aid him in attaining professional success. The employer has to scrutinise the course taken up by the employee in detail to know the viability of it in the existing business. The human resource department plays a crucial role in employee engagement, retention and motivation. The degree of happiness of the employee can be moulded with better policies and a good working environment by the human resource manger. The certification undertaken by the superior must be helpful in improving the work culture and managerial outlook.

Procurement of the certification requires perseverance to complete it. As the academics are pursued in most cases after the working hours, it denotes the employee pertinacity to gain better skills. Education gained through a premier institute can help in taking up high paying jobs.

But the certification on HR need not always increase the competency of workplace. The final success lies in the ability of the individual in implementing the knowledge in a manner profitable to the entity. Certifications do not necessarily mean better apprehension of the things related to the subject. Although many organisations are adding case studies and other work related components to the course material, many of these certification exams include multiple choice questions. A person can get his certification on the basis of luck and not on knowledge when the questions are based on the multiple choices. Such employees will fail to contribute any improvements to the existing system.

In short, HR certifications can contribute significantly only if the knowledge is supported by practical skills and a mindset which is willing to explore and exploit the innovations in a profitable manner.

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