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Diversity in Leadership

Businesses operating from a great many countries to explore and exploit the potential markets resulted in multi cultural entities who have a huge mixture of employees with different outlook to life. The success of the business lies in its ability to make use of the potential of various people from differing backgrounds to achieve its vision. The top management has allotted this task of exploring and exploiting the employee capabilities to the managers who are in immediate contact with the employees.

The manager as a leader is left with the task of educating the reportees of the advantage of having a multi cultural environment for self development. His mission is to create an environment where there exists a mutual respect for each other’s views and opinions. The success of a leader lies in the ability to create an atmosphere which is open to a diverse culture. This starts with a formal education and requires the backing of an informal ambiance. Before addressing the merits of a multi cultural environment, he must identify the differences that are prevalent amongst the team members. The heterogeneity might exist in the outlook, backgrounds, education, religion, work culture, etc. He identifies and understands the differences and similarities and chalk out a plan that can result in creating a positive air in the entity.

The leader is then to undertake programs for negating the tensions and probable tensions from within his team. Ice breakers like team building exercises can be an eye opener in teaching the team members the importance of a varied outlook. Informal get-togethers like dinner can help to understand each other on a neutral environment. Participative exercises, presentation of case studies, etc all adds in bringing down the barriers between the team members. These exercises assists in recognising and resolving the differences that exists between the team members and helps them to create a mind-set that is open to different ideas which can add to self development.

Interaction with the people from diverse backgrounds helps in knowledge acquisition. Imbibing various cultures and outlooks contribute significantly to the creativity of the employees. Inclination to creativity makes one innovative, ending in making significant contributions to the company. A cordial relationship between the team members helps in utilising the full potential of the individual, adding a positive image to the company. Rigidity in outlook can result in the doom of the business in the current highly competitive market.

A positive attitude to various upbringings coaxes the employees to treat everyone with respect. Assimilation of ideas gets reflected in the work performed by the people resulting in an efficient work group who can achieve the business objective. A diverse setting in an entity, force the management to acknowledge the expectations of all the employees from the different backgrounds, and efforts are taken to the development of their personality irrespective of their upbringing. Leaders’ role in a diversified environment is crucial as he identifies the variances, explore them, and utilise them to the advantage of his team.

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