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Employee engagement : Give them a reason to Stay

Identifying the needs of the employees and moving in accordance with them is essential for retaining the workforce within the entity. Employee engagement is referred to as ‘the bond employees have with their organizations and the amount of connectivity they have with their organizations' missions’, according to CUNA's 2003-2004 CU Environmental Scan. This relationship that exists between the company and the employees induce them to take the extra mile whenever required. The employees recognise the inevitable role played by them in the company’s success.

Employee engagement can be generated in many ways. The company must create a brand image of being an employee friendly company which indulges in activities favourable to them. Efforts to create an employee friendly environment wherein the employees are given the opportunity to work in a less stressful environment with least interference from the supervisors must be made. Support and encouragement must be given by all levels of management. A bond between the members to strive towards the success of the company in a joint effort exudes a positive air in the organisation. Existence of trust between the employer and the employee encourages the employee to maximise his efforts for the attainment of the company mission. It is the supervisors who are immediately responsible for retaining their subordinates within the entity.

A good communication system which does not give room for ambiguities must be prevalent in the entity. Improvement on day-to-day interchange can pave the way in identifying the employee problems and taking corrective measures to wipe them away from the organisational set up. An open relationship between the team members brings about rapport and the courage to move forward. The team members must be treated with respect and the employers must take measures to identify the employee needs and bring about the policies on the basis of them. Study on employee needs reveal the importance the workforce gives to their career growth and personal development. To ensure employee engagement they must be given the platform to enhance their strengths and overcome the imperfections through proper training and developmental programs. Cultivating an analytical and creative mind drives the company and its employees to the path to success.

Employee engagement surveys are conducted to identify the level of bond that lay between the employees and the company. For example the Royal Bank of Scotland conducts ‘engagement index’ to measure three key areas, viz., employees' desire to say positive things about the organisation, the motivation to stay within the entity and to put in extra effort to guide the business to success. Such surveys help the management to understand the employees’ worth to the business.

Appreciation to the work done by the employees is a huge motivating factor. It is said that Apple was planning to give $600 worth iPhone to its full time employees in US. Such acts by the company can help in gaining a tremendous support from the workforce who would perform their best to the company’s wealth maximisation.

Employee engagement is the undeniable power behind company success. An environment which is disengaged can be extremely dangerous as it being highly contagious can lead to the doom of the business.

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Posted: 11/12/2011 23:57:51

I agreed on the above article.
I what to add for engagement
- Trive for sustainable growth
- Engagement at work
- Care & appreciate your co-workers
- Proud to a part of company
- Be best friend and make best friends at work.

Posted: 16/07/2011 11:03:38

Glad I've finlaly found something I agree with!

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