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Employee Self Service Applications

Company intranet includes a scalable database of information which helps the employees in gathering information to meet their needs with ease. ERP enables the company to provide the base for the employee self service applications through the maintenance of a huge database and processing the data to meet the various requirements. These applications aim to provide quick information regarding various admin, HR and finance operations, thus adding to the speed of activities.

The self service applications supply data about the basic details of the company like the various lines of business of the entity, revenue generation of various business units, past performance of the overall business and various business operations which help the employees to keep updated with the way the business progresses. The delay in digging up the data is minimised when the employee has to generate the information to the customer urgently.

The intranet also contain basic facts like employee personal details like the name, address, contact information, family facts, the reporting officer, the office where the employee is placed, the business unit with whom he works for, his place in the business hierarchy, etc. The employee can also attain information about his financial state as of now. The stock options generated, those which is yet to be vested, the status of the remuneration in kind, etc are achieved at finger tips. For example, a part of the pay is at times provided to the employees to purchase furniture and equipment within the specified limits. The amount utilised so far, and the amount that is remaining can be retrieved and the further investments made accordingly. The intranet also includes salary details, including the time when salary payment is made, the break up of salary, the PF, insurance and other details, salary as on any date during the company’s employment, details of Form 16 and other related records.

Easy submission of expenses that are to be reimbursed by the company is made possible through the ERP enabled applications. They provide statistics about the procedure to be followed while the submission of medical bills, travel expenses, petrol expenses, the account to which the payment is made, the time of payment, the amount due and other related details.

Self service applications also support personal development and career growth. Training program schedules, applying for the same and getting the approval can be done online through the internal web portal. It also advertises job openings within the entity providing a platform for the employees to pursue a change in the domain, if desired.

Time sheet of the employee giving out the details of the time logged in, expected working hours, assist to understand where he stands. Easy application for leave, information on approval, the leave status, is displayed in the employee database. The travel details of the employee including his travel plan, approval by the supervisor, requesting the concerned travel department, applying for the visa, making travel plans can be done with simplicity.

Employee self service applications contain basic facts which helps in its easy facilitation making it cost and time effective.

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