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Saturday - 4 Apr 2020 on LinkedIn
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Are we thinking outside the Box ?

Problems, Problems , Problems Solutions , Solutions, Solutions Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Prototype, Prototype, Prototype I know how to solve it , I know how to solve it , I know how to solve it. The answer is same , the answer is the same , the answer is the same If you think , if you think , if you think Alike , alike , alike You cannot think outside the box Kindly look at the above statements , what you can infer some thing, nothing , manythings.

If you are a person thinking outside the box , you should infer the following things :- Problems, Solutions, Decisions , when prototyped , you will fall into a syndrome called I know how to solve it , once you feel , you know how to solve it, the answer will be the same, thus when you think alike then you cannot think outside the box Now tell me how many of you thought this way ..... Most of us would have felt , I was trying to emphasize on the words , or create a surprise in the mind of readers or I am going to explain some new things.

Some ways to initiate out of box thinking
Flow Chart to Initiate Out of Box Thinking :- Problem, Idea, Solution, Recommendation, Prime Inputs, Thinking Process, Initiation, Environmental Conditioning, Internal Conditioning, Preparing to think, Mental Mapping, Idea Generation, Avoid Prototyping, Develop Risk Taking Ability, Avoid Impulsive Decision Making, Develop Adaptability, Avoid Fear Factor, Develop Multiple Conditioning, Avoid External Pressure, Develop Module Rehearsing, Avoid thinking Failures, Develop Alternate Result Ability, LOR Method - Listen Observe React, Clear Ideas, Practical Decisions.

Author - V.VA Sriram

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