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Howard Gardnerís Multiple Intelligence Test

The traditional school of “intelligence” believed that the human beings are born with a fixed degree of intelligence which remains more or less static through out their life time. This school believed that the intelligence level represented by the tests like Stanford-Binet Intelligence Quotient, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISCIV), Woodcock Johnson test of Cognitive Ability, Scholastic Aptitude Test, etc represents the level of brainpower in a person. But Howard Gardner came up with the Multiple Intelligence concept in his book “Frames Of Mind” in the year 1983. To quote Gardner, “intelligence is the ability to solve problems or to create products that are valued within one or more cultural settings”.

According to Gardner, intelligence is the ability to create a product which is appreciated by the people around him and is also the skills that help find solutions in a creative manner. He has identified and categorised intelligence into nine categories and every individual is said to possess one or a combination of these in varying degrees. Education is considered to be an important tool which can augment the strengths of the individual intelligence in a way that is of use to him. This intelligence either independently or together can help in solving the various problems of life. Unlike the traditional view of intelligence, the multiple intelligence theory believes that the intelligence can be improved through education once the individual capabilities have been identified.

Gardner categorises intelligence into the following groups. They are:

• Linguistic intelligence denotes the individual ability to learn the language and use it for his personal success. The people with a higher degree of linguistic intelligence are ideally suited for being lawyers, teacher, copy writers, presenters, etc who can interpret and explain ideas through the usage of language.

• Logical-mathematical intelligence where the people think logically and use scientific methods for finding solutions to various questions before them. Being scientists, researchers, statisticians help these people to flourish.

• Musical intelligence wherein they understand and appreciate music and where music plays a great role in their lives. Typical roles that are suited for them are that of the musicians, composers, DJs, etc.

• Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligent people are those who make use of body movements and are capable of controlling it to suit their needs. Eye and body coordination makes them successful in those related jobs. For example, sportsmen play with great dexterity and body coordination.

• Spatial-visual intelligent people give a pictorial representation to all tasks performed by them. The successful utilisation and interpretation of the visual images make them good cartoonists, designers and photographers.

• Interpersonal intelligence denotes the ability to understand and relate to other people’s perceptions, intentions and desires of other people. They can shine in the field of human resources, psychology and other people related professions.

• Intrapersonal intelligence denotes the ability to understand one’s skills capabilities, fear and other strengths and weaknesses which help him to succeed in life, if utilised successfully.

Subsequent research on multiple intelligence convinced Gardner of three new groups namely,

• Naturalist intelligence denotes the ability to identify and categorise the living organisms like plants and animals into various groups.
• Spiritual intelligence or Existential intelligence which denotes one’s philosophy to God and existence
• Moral intelligence which denotes the relationship with fellow beings.

In nutshell, multiple intelligence aims at identifying what Howard Gardner stated, “It's not how smart you are, its how you are smart!" (Howard Gardner Interview, "Common Miracles" ABC 1993).

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