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Role of a Training and Development Manager

To meet the challenges set by the rapid transformations in the technology and business operations, the work force need to be aware of the changeover and its impact on his work. Training helps him to bridge the gap on where he is to where he has to be, thereby adding to the productivity. The training manager is to analyse the current position of the work force and direct them to the advancements through proper training.

The role played by the training and development manager is crucial in any organisation. He should be aware of the needs of the target audience and the type of target audience before designing the study material. The needs of the target audience can be identified and evaluated on the basis of surveys conducted on the employees to understand their requirements. The manager also has to keep track of the changes happening in the external and internal environment, conduct job analysis and evaluate the current position of the employees and provide them with proper training and development activities to reach the desired destination.

Target audience is another major factor influencing the nature of training programs. Charles Handy, in his book, “Age of unreason” has mentioned about the “shamrock organisation” wherein the employees can be divided into three groups- the core employees who are the key permanent employees, the contractual fringe who are engaged according to work as needed like the project workers and the flexible workforce who consists of the part-time workers who are appointed as and when required. The nature of training varies with the type of the people involved. The contractual workers need to be imparted with only that knowledge that helps them complete the task allotted to them. But the key players’ training should be a comprehensive one as their role is significant in the attainment of the overall objectives of the firm. Similarly the new employees should be provided with the orientation program that helps them imbibe into the organisation. Training also provides the platform for easy adjustments to situations that has erupted from mergers and acquisitions.

On deciding the target audience, the training and development manager has to design the study material after identifying the current level of competence of the audience from the performance appraisal reports, surveys, supervisor suggestions, technological changes, and other internal and external factors. The success of the training manager lies in his ability to impart quality training which can result in high performance within the budget allocated for training and development activities. He should also check the suitability of the material to the type of program. For instance, training might include on-the-job training, e-learning, self study materials, satellite training, or classroom training. The learning material must be self sufficient to impart the knowledge depending on the type of approach followed.

The training and development manager has to oversee that the training programs has been effective by collecting data on its effectiveness in achieving the expected objective through the usage of questionnaires, performance appraisals and other tools. The ROI on training is important especially with the downsizing in the training activities on account of the recession. He should resort to external expertise or internal expertise for imparting the knowledge after considering the various influencing factors. The training program is effective only when it adds to the morale of the employee, increase productivity and employee skills, and affects employee attitude positively. The manager is to monitor the trainers, training material, actual training, maintain records and issue certificates for the trainings undertaken by the employees.

With the changes in technology and rise in the scale of business operations, the creation of a highly skilled workforce who can make significant contributions to the company objectives and who remain loyal to the company lies in the hands of the training and development manager.

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