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Secrets of becoming a Great Recruiter

With a great demand for the skilled workers, being able to provide the organisation with the required talent within the stipulated time is considered to be a great achievement. This is the job of a good recruiter. He should be able to provide candidates with the right skill at the right time to the right job. This achievement will help to earn him the reputation of being a good recruiter.

The selection of the people to any role requires the recruiter to possess basic knowledge of the skills required for the job. He should keep track of the changes that occur around him in the industry, technology, and economy. Moving with the changes can help him identify the questions that are to be put forward before a candidate to verify his suitability to the task involved.

The recruiter must understand the responsibility in the placement of an individual to a job. His whole career can be jeopardised by any wrong moves taken by him. He should be prompt in his actions, reliable, honest, and enthusiastic in his dealings. He should be capable of drawing the required information from the candidate. A good recruiter must possess excellent skills in communication as he has to maintain a balanced mix of listening and speaking skills. He should be alert to the conversations with the company as well as the candidate to ensure that the requirements match with the capabilities. He should be prompt in his decisions and must keep the parties informed about the progresses made. If the application of a candidate is rejected, he should convey the message smoothly without hurting the feelings of the individual.

A good recruiter should be able to convince the organisation and the job seekers of his competence in performing the job. He should have the perseverance and enthusiasm of sales personnel to guarantee success. The next step is identifying the candidates who are suited to the job. Information in his data base, cold call or referrals can aid in short listing the candidates with the right amount of skill.

The recruiter has to hold a direct conversation, either face-to-face or through telephone, to evaluate the contender. He understands that his role is not sell the job to the candidate, but is to identify the competency of the aspirant to the job in hand. Remaining vague on the role involved, he should ask the right set of questions to assess the suitability of the candidate. A brief insight into the major accomplishments of the aspirant, his strengths and weaknesses, personal and professional background etc has to be scrutinised to have a thorough idea about the candidate. With the labour turnover on the rise, ensuring the appointment of the right person can help in reducing the possibility of attrition adding more responsibilities to the recruiter to shoulder.

The recruiter will have to take up the role of a guide, philosopher and a mentor, providing support to the aspirants. With people wary about changes, sharing his expertise can help the promising candidates climb up the career ladder, thus creating goodwill to the recruiter. Referrals provided by a satisfied customer can add to further business, thereby, income of the recruiter.

From the point of view of the company, the recruiter having been informed about the challenges in the role vacant and the budget allocation, he can reduce the cost by undertaking background checks and the actual recruitment process. The work of a recruiter who succeeds in recruiting promising candidates speaks for itself.

Thus to be successful a good recruiter should accept his responsibility to the company by getting the right candidate and the individual by aiding him in career advancement.

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